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The use of dental x ray equipment is nothing new. We have been using x-ray imaging for oral and teeth problems for decades. I’m sure you have past memories that involve terrifying machines and giant vests. Remember sitting completely still, wondering just how dangerous these machines could be to your health? Fortunately, dental x-ray equipment has been greatly improved over the last 20 years.
Many of the devices used for dental industries are now handheld and work with intraoral dental sensors. Find out what makes our dental x-ray equipment better than our competitors in this article. You can also visit our website to find all of the products discussed or for a more extensive look at who we are. You can access our website by following the link provided here: Video Dental.
Our Dental X-Ray Equipment
There is a reason so many people have continued to support Video Dental and acquire their dental x-ray equipment from us. There are three words that sum up what makes us better than our competitors: Price, Warranty, and Support. With Video Dental you don’t have to sacrifice one for another. Here you can find those reasons broken down separately:
All of the digital dental sensors and intraoral x-ray cameras that we offer come up fair and affordable prices. However, what really makes them stand out is the overall value compared to those of our competitors. Anyone using the QuickRay or UniRay HD is familiar with the impressive high-resolution images and universal software compatibility that each sensor carries.
Video Dental offers a 7-year warranty replacement plan for both the QuickRay and UniRay HD intraoral X-Ray sensors to cover against defect and provide protection for accidental damage. The replacement plan automatically includes a 2-year manufacturer warranty to protect against defects. If defect related, the sensor is replaced out. The accidental damage coverage starting from day one is there for peace of mind for all other instances not defect related. The best part is there is no annual fee for the replacement plan. Others offer plans where you pay both annually as well as for a replacement. Not at Video Dental. We are proud of our products and stand by our replacement plan
Each of our products is backed by an award-winning customer support that aims for nothing short than 100% satisfaction. Should you have a difficulty setting up a product or questions about how to properly use it, we will be available during the hours promised. Our support staff is trained in all of our products and quick to respond via email should you choose not to call us directly. In fact, we even have staff at the ready to answer any questions you have directly on our website!
About Us
Video Dental is a well-known distributor of cutting-edge dental x-ray equipment. Our goal is to find innovative and cost-efficient solutions for dental offices everywhere to own state-of-the-art equipment that provides improved images for diagnosing any teeth or oral complications. Please CONTACT US if you have any additional questions and visit our website for a more investigative look at all of our dental x-ray equipment.
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Dental X-Ray Equipment

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