Dental Supplies and Buying Direct Vs. From A Wholesaler

Dentistry is an equipment-heavy industry. There’s a lot to buy, and much of it is consumable, meaning you’ll need to buy it more than once. Like any business, you need a reliable source for the things you use and sell in order to stay consistent.

Which brings us to today’s topic: the benefits of buying direct versus buying through a larger supply company. We live in a great time for capitalism and dentists have more options than ever for sourcing high-quality tech. But which is the better option?

Join us today, as we bring you our side-by-side comparison, for the most cost-effective options for buying dental supplies.

Direct Or From A Supplier

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing your dental supplies from a secondary marketplace or a dental wholesaler, the end goal is the same. A high-quality operation with the technology you need to do a good job while keeping costs low at the same time.

Easier said than done, right? Well, let’s take a closer look.

Companies who manufacture specific products may choose to sell them directly to practitioners in what’s known as a “direct sale”. These products are extremely high-quality, with specific construction geared towards various areas of your dental practice.

The benefit of making this kind of purchase is that you’re buying a product from someone working at solving that problem specifically. Your money goes directly to them and, perhaps more importantly, the cost is generally lower than going through a distributor. Shipping without a middleman tends to take less time, as does receiving feedback on your comments or reviews.

Conversely, buying through a supplier comes with an unfortunate but very understandable price hike. There are offices to rent, staffers to pay, communications, regulations and fees that come with being a fully fledged business. Moreover, the services these suppliers provide are often within the capability of a direct sales operation.

Dental Supplies: It’s Time To Go Direct

Ultimately, the biggest problem many people have with going direct is that they perceive it as more complicated than just “letting the supplier deal with it”. While this is understandable, the truth is supply chains are more sophisticated now than they’ve ever been, and manufacturers are more than ready to facilitate your order. And with so many benefits to going direct, it’s becoming clearer that there really is nothing stopping dentists from ordering their office supplies direct.

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