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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is constantly advancing and being improved upon. Humanity has reached some pretty impressive technological feats as a whole. Our species thrives upon the development of tools that help simplify our lives and responsibilities. We carry computers in our pockets with access to a worldwide database and have even made it past our atmosphere and out to the moon. Dental imaging technology like many other tools in professional industries are constantly being worked upon to improve their productivity. Video Dental is proud to be a pioneer and still plays an active role in the development and innovation of dental imaging technology. Our dental software is one of the most cutting edge and powerful dental imaging processing tools available to a dentist and their assistants today.
There are various forms of dental imaging apparatuses that can be used to capture the dental images. Our dental software has the ability to integrate with many different types of dental imaging devices. We offer open architecture dental software for all of your dental imaging needs.  Simplifying the steps involved with taking and storing your images will improve overall efficiency for any dental practice. Video Dental feels that it is completely unnecessary to have to learn and operate different dental imaging software when using various types of video imaging tools. Our video dental software choices include XrayVision® and XVlite™ which have helped thousands of dentistry specialists simplify their workflow by switching to a more ubiquitously applicable software choice.
Video Dental’s digital imaging technology and dental software have proven to be among the most effective and proficient choices in the industry. Our dental imaging software permits you to easily enhance and display all captured dental images. Video Dental offers cutting edge dental software that can work with your full-color images and organize them into a convenient a patient database for a more comprehensive and favorable system. Some of the digital imaging tools that we offer to capture dental images include:

When working with patients to capture dental images it is important to have efficient and effective dental software that is easily operated and displays and renders your dental imaging professionally. If you as a dentistry specialist can quickly and properly relay visual information to your patient you are helping instill trust upon yourself in the eyes of any patient. Individuals tend to more readily accept and understand information that is not only explained to them but also demonstrated.  Diagnosis and treatment plan are digested and accepted when a clear visual proof is supplied.
Video Dental has helped countless dentistry professionals simplify their dental imaging workflow and more readily demonstrate results to their patients. We understand the need for multiple dentistry imaging interfaces within a single locale. Our dental software allows for the centralized management of all digital files in a single location from all of your practice’s individual x-ray and photographic devices.
Video Dental is a proud board member of the Dental Trade Association and has attended over 300 industry relevant trade shows demonstrating our high-quality products and technological expertise. We have been providing state of the art dental video imaging technology for almost three decades. Since our inception in 1989, we have offered innovative dental technology that has pushed the industry as a whole toward improvement and development. Contact us today to have any questions about our dental imaging software and any other products.

Dental Software

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