Dental Sensors

The exponential advancements in science and technology over the past few decades have changed just about every single aspect of modern living. Some of the greatest advancements have come in the medical and dental industries. Certainly, there have been many notable breakthroughs for many different facets of the medical and dental fields.  A major breakthrough was noticed in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the progression and improvement of conventional dental radiography for dental sensors and intraoral cameras. Video Dental has a long-term involvement in the innovative design and development of digital dental x-rays using state-of-the-art dental sensors during the last two decades. The twenty-first century truly is a digital age and dental practices not adhering to this technology will get left behind rapidly.  Unfortunately, there are an alarming number of practices that are still operating with archaic dental imaging equipment!  Continue reading to find out more about the incredible digital dental sensors offered by Video Dental.
It was the turn of the 20th century when the original x-ray was discovered by a German physics professor, Wilhelm Roentgen, which earned Germany it’s first Nobel Prize in Physics shortly after. The primitive design has undergone incalculable refinements since making it’s big mark on the medical world, changing the game on clinical diagnostic practices. Flash forward to 2017, where virtually everything has become digital and instantaneous, including dental x-ray imaging with dental sensors. Surprisingly, however, the original dental imaging equipment and methods are still commonly used today.  This fact is astounding considering their incredibly efficient contemporary counterpart using intraoral cameras and dental sensors.
Video Dental wants to get your practice up to top speed with the latest and greatest in digital dental imaging equipment. If you are looking to upgrade and improve your dental practice, Video Dental is going to be your number one source and choice for better dental imaging results. We have proudly been innovating the digital dental imaging industry since 1989 and have no plans to slow down!  Digital x-rays using dental sensors, coupled with intraoral cameras are revolutionizing dental imaging with a plethora of pros and zero minuses. Take a look to see just what some of what our dental sensors have to offer:
Dental Sensors

  • Leading Image Quality
  • Rounded Corners
  • Replaceable Cords
  • “Box-Less” Design
  • Compatible with Most Major Imaging Software
  • Compatible with Mac
  • 2 Sensor Sizes
  • Direct USB Connection
  • No External Power Connection
  • UDI Compliant & FDA Approved
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 7-Year No Annual Fee Replacement Plan
  • Money Back Guarantee**

Making the switch from conventional to contemporary dental imaging will reward your business in several different ways. Consider some of these excellent benefits:

  • Decreased radiation dose for patient and professional
  • Increased time efficiency: everything is instant, no more waiting on films!
  • Comfortable design that eases patient anxiety and nervousness
  • Safe for use on children making it perfect for pediatric dental practices

If your dental practice has been outfitted with a digital imaging system, our dental sensors are a crucial component to keep the office flow smooth and steady. Video Dental offers three different kits with dental sensors based on your needs:

In addition, Video Dental offers an amazing 7 year No Annual Cost Replacement Plan as well as a 2 year warranty!  Video Dental is a leader in innovative product design and implementation since 1989. We have more experience and history than any other company when it comes to dental sensors and dental imaging equipment. For more info about our dental sensors contact us at 800.323.2690.

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