Dental Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional, dental digital imaging equipment all over the world for over 25 years. Our team of adept technicians provides services in dental sensor repair for all major manufacturers including:

  • Carestream Dental Sensor
  • RVG Dental Sensor
  • Dexis Dental Sensor
  • Schick Dental Sensor
  • Suni Dental Sensor
  • Dentimax Dental Sensor
  • Masterlink ei Dental Sensor
  • XDR Dental Sensor
  • Clio Dental Sensor
  • Gendex Dental Sensor
  • Ei Dental Sensor
  • Quickray Dental Sensor

Digital imaging sensors have come a long way since traditional x-ray films. Traditional film images came with costly processing costs and long waiting times. Digital dental sensors and imaging software have brought instantaneously available dental x-ray sensor imaging results. These advancements also brought with them the ability to magnify, sharpen, and enhance the image in order to facilitate diagnosis without compromising the original image’s integrity.  Video Dental Concepts has been a provider of this technology to dentistry professionals since its availability. We are the industry leaders and trusted manufacturer, developers, and dental sensor repair service providers.
Whatever problem or malfunction you may have encountered with your dental x-ray sensor we here at Video Dental Concepts are confident we can repair your system so that it is running as smoothly and effectively as it did the week you received it. With over two decades of manufacturing and dental sensor repair experience, Video Dental Concepts can mitigate the stress caused by your faulty dental x-ray sensor with a speedy repair, and communicative customer service.  If in the rare case your sensor is damaged beyond repair, we will offer you a trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new QuickRay or UniRay sensor.
Our team of technicians are the best in their class; Video Dental Concepts takes pride in our team of adept dental sensor repair and manufacturing experts. We understand the importance of a working dental x-ray sensor, it brings with it convenience, and is a valuable visual communication tool for patient interactions and more easily understood doctor explanations. Our team is confident that you will feel as if you are receiving a newly refurbished product rather than your old one when we complete our repair.
If you have been in practice for a long time perhaps you’ve had a dental sensor x-ray system that you have trusted for years as your patients have come to trust you. If you’ve noticed your old system has stopped working as well as it once did we can repair it for you. Video Dental Concepts strives to bring dental experts up to date with the modernly available technology. We can integrate of state of the art dental imaging software to work with your existing imaging hardware like digital panoramic/cephalometric imaging, flatbed scanners, intraoral and extraoral cameras, phosphor plate scanners, 3D cone beam tomography (CBCT). Contact us today for any questions regarding our products or dental service repair services.

Dental Sensor Repair

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