2D and 3D Dental Panoramic X Ray Machine

Video Dental Concepts is responsible for manufacturing and distributing some of the most cutting-edge and innovative dental imaging equipment found anywhere in the world. Whether it’s digital dental sensors, intraoral cameras, portable dental x-ray generators, or the best dental panoramic x ray machine; dental offices looking to improve their practice can finally find the dental imaging systems they need to progress in one convenient place. Continue reading to learn more about what makes our dental panoramic x ray machine so impressive and why, when it comes time to buy dental imaging equipment, there’s no better choice than Video Dental!

2D and 3D Dental Panoramic X Ray Machine

2D panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D CBCT dental x-ray images are used by experienced dentists to help diagnose oral complications and dental issues in high-resolution detail. A dental x-ray machine like our RayScan Alpha Plus delivers clear 2D and 3D images in levels of clarity unmatched by other competitors. However, what makes the RayScan Alpha Plus so impressive isn’t only its unequaled high detailed 2D and 3D imaging. It also has a freely adjustable field of view (FOV), leading resolution for cone beam CT imaging, multiple Cephalometric and Panoramic scanning options, and it even includes the world’s first visible blue light x-ray guide, showing the area of CBCT exposure during patient positioning.
True Low-Dose Cone Beam CT

  • Fast Scan – View a CT image in less than 10 seconds
  • Resolution: 70 microns (highest resolution available in endo mode)
  • Freely Adjustable FOV: from 4×3 cm (ideal for endo) to 16×10 cm for maxillofacial
  • Radiation Reduction: Up to 50% (with free FOV)

Ceph Options

  • Scanning Ceph (33×33 cm)
  • Standard One-Shot Ceph (30×25 cm)
  • Large One-Shot Ceph (33×33 cm)

Panoramic Options

  • Standard – radiate entire region of maxilla and mandible
  • Segment scanning area to reduce radiation exposure
  • Full-Mouth Series extraction from a panoramic image
  • TMJ
  • Sinus
  • Bitewing
  • Orthogonal

By introducing the world’s first completely free field of view 3D imaging into a dental x ray machine, dentists and dental technicians can finally acquire the digital x-ray images they need with a minimum amount of hassle. This eliminates all the key troubles known to plague even the best dental panoramic x-ray machines on the market, quickly proving why the RayScan Alpha Plus is the ultimate 2D- 3D panoramic imaging solution for dental groups everywhere.
Ready to upgrade the dental equipment used in your practice and improve both the user and patient experience? Contact Video Dental today and let us prove to you what sets us apart from other dental imaging equipment suppliers. From the moment we revolutionized the dental industry with the very first digital dental sensor, our commitment to delivering our clients the best has only grown.
By providing the best dental imaging equipment at the best prices, warranty options, and technical support, Video Dental Concepts continues to raise the bar and show what can be achieved when different aspects of our industry come together to make the future brighter for us all. To reach our customer support team, call us at 800-323-2690 today!
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Dental Panoramic X Ray Machine