Dental Intraoral Camera

All industry leaders understand that keeping up with advances in their industry, technological or otherwise, is a huge part of remaining competitive in that respective trade. A dental intraoral camera is a newer piece of dental equipment, but could easily be one of the most beneficial for professional oral hygienists to have in their arsenal.
These devices are small digital cameras that resemble a curing light. A dental intraoral camera is one of the most comprehensive ways to help patients understand a diagnosis and the current condition of their oral health. There are various advantages to purchasing a dental intraoral camera. Some include:

  • It’s accurate
  • Results are instantaneous
  • Patients’ conditions become easily explainable & if need be easy to refer
  • Images easily stored for visual dental records

A dental intraoral camera is an essential instrument to examine patient’s mouth in as detailed a way possible. They work with the same concept in mind as traditional hand mirrors used in dental practice, with high-resolution imaging taken. They bring with them many improved features such as powerful magnifying capabilities to help examine areas of concern in utmost detail. Intraoral cameras are equipped with LED lighting which helps to make diagnoses more accurate than ever before. Video Dental is the team of innovators and industry leaders that introduced the first dental intraoral camera in conjunction with Panasonic’s Camera Division and ETS Group Optical Corporation (France) in 1989.
Case acceptance is a common problem among dentistry professionals. This is mainly because there can be hesitancy from patients to accept some proposed treatment plans. When a problem is asymptomatic patients have a tendency to push back treatment. It’s not uncommon to hear “I’m not in pain” or “I’d like to wait to see it’s necessary.” Having the ability to show your patient an enlarged image of the problem you were trying to describe can help your patient understand what you are trying to resolve or prevent. We are highly visual creatures, for this reason, an image of exactly what is being discussed can help create a perspective change. Even if they are still unconvinced you can now print these images and give your patient a copy of their scans. This will allow them to contemplate the problem later with less chance that the proposed treatment plan falls out of mind.
Video Dental designs, manufactures and distributes contemporary digital imaging equipment to dental practices all around the world. We offer cutting-edge technology that is specifically designed with professionals is mind. All our products are tested and approved by our expertly trained technicians. We’ve been in business for 25+ years; over this quarter decade there have numerous technological advances which have prompted change and adaptation from Video Dental. We are proud members of the Dental Trade Association. Contact us today for the best dental intraoral camera options in the marketplace today. With extended warranties available, our exceptional customer service is at your disposal.

Dental Intraoral Camera

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