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Video Dental helped introduce the industry’s first intraoral camera system and has continually worked to offer our professional clientele state-of-the-art digital dental imaging technologies. Our dedication to serving our clients the best dental imaging equipment possible has helped us become regarded as the industry’s top digital imaging product provider. Selecting the proper digital imaging products for your dental practice is essential to the success of your dental team. Having the right products selected allows your practice to offer your patients the most accurate problem diagnosis services in the clearest and most comprehensive form possible. Whenever you find yourself in need of dental imaging technologies turn to the industry’s top providers – turn to Video Dental.
If you want to help increase your dental locale’s record of case acceptance then you need to find the most proficient way of relaying the information that you find to each one of your patients. The truth of the matter is that humans as a whole are highly visual creatures, this means that we tend to understand and accept information more readily when we have a clear visual breakdown of whatever it is we may be focusing our attention on. Video Dental offers state-of-the-art dental imaging technologies that allow dental professionals to easily display the high-resolution digital radiography images over a computer screen or tablet within seconds of capturing it. With our technology, dental professionals can move away from the days of waiting for the development of x-ray scans before being able to show their patients exactly what they are seeing and offering solutions to any problem areas.
Not only will having professional dental imaging technologies from a quality supplier like Video Dental allow you to more proficiently handle capturing quality images of your patients’ teeth it will also allow you to pass along the images to any specialist if the situation calls for one. Our mission at Video Dental is to make essential tasks and elements of the dental industry as simple and convenient to perform as possible. Some of the dental imaging technologies and dentistry specific products that we offer our clients include:

  • Intraoral Cameras
  • X-Ray Sensors
  • Panoramic 3D CBCT Machinery
  • Bite Blocks & Positioners
  • Dental Imaging Software
  • Dental Management Software

Video Dental has been striving to give dental professional the most advanced and innovative radiography products since 1989. Video Dental serves the dental business as an overall computerized dental imaging item engineer, maker, and wholesaler of expert dentistry innovation. We are dentistry imaging technology pioneers that have been continuously helping shape the direction of the dental imaging industry for more than 25 years. Our products are easy to function; designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Get in touch with our team at Video Dental today with any queries you may have in regards to our dental imaging technologies or universal software.

Dental Imaging Technologies – CBCT Dental Imaging

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