Dental Imaging Software for You and Your Patients

So many advancements have been made in the modern world- we have smartphones the size of a watch, minuscule batteries to fit into our tiny devices whatever they may be, and, in the world of dentistry an x-ray sensor so small and versatile it can fly out to space to assist the astronauts in conducting bone density research!  When it comes to dental imaging technologies, they follow the same suit- more versatile and technologically advanced to ensure both you and your patients are content and knowledgeable when it comes to their dental work.  Dental imaging software is here to improve your office.  
Not only is it excellent for your professional dentistry work, it is also perfect for allowing your patients to know what is going on with their dental work!  Leaving them in the dark will only incite apprehension in the patient, especially if you, as the dentist is stuck digging around for the proper information in multiple different systems, while their fear and anxiety is growing as they wait in their dental chair!  Dental imaging software, especially the Apteryx Xrayvision dental imaging software, makes the idea of digging through multiple programs, as well as you and your staff having to learn multiple programs, a thing of the past!
When it comes to dental imaging in general, it’s also comforting to a patient to be able to adequately see a tooth as it is- rather than looking at an image that you’d have to go to dental school in order to understand at a glance, and therefore you really want a clear picture.  The dental imaging software we at Video Dental offer displays the images you upload such as an x-ray of the mouth for example.  Xray Vision also carries additional modules that would be excellent for improving patient flow at your dental practice.  One of our favorites that it offers is the ability called WhitenIt, great for if what you offer is aesthetic dentistry, as it is Apteryx’s version of a simulated tooth whitener.  So many patients come in with heavy dental work and leave with an appointment for teeth whitening.
Apteryx Xrayvision and XV Lite are the dental imaging systems that your office requires for everyday, highly functional use.  They are the leaders in their field when it comes to open architecture dental imaging technologies.  You want to be sure you have excellent dental imaging software, as it is a system that keeps track of and holds many of the images associated with your dental practice, including but not limited to x-rays.  Dental imaging software has so many possibilities as to what they are able to do or inclusions in their software from different imaging interfaces to providing the ability to track treatment progress.  Apteryx Xrayvision and XV Lite are dental imaging softwares that allow for the use of so many of your other office-wide technologies.
Dental Imaging Software
CHOICE Imaging is another great dental imaging software which works with our products.
Our Dental Imaging Software supports image capture from intraoral sensors, and it even integrates with the following:

  • Phosphor plate scanners
  • Digital panoramic and cephalometric imaging
  • Flatbed scanners
  • Intraoral and exra-oral cameras
  • 3D conebeam tomography

Visit Video Dental, as will have many of the devices that are compatible with Apteryx Xrayvision.

Dental Imaging Software

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