Dental Equipment Leasing

Dental digital radiography or 3D dental imaging has become the leading edge technology utilized throughout the dental industry. This technology allows dental companies to detect and address any issues a patient might have about their oral health. Due to the benefits of dental digital radiography, early detection of any complications saves customers more money through eliminating further complications down the line. Until recently, dental equipment leasing was the only way to find an affordable option for this cutting-edge equipment, but Video Dental now offers a practical solution. Video Dental Concept (VDC) is an international manufacturer and distributor of digital imaging equipment at the forefront of dental industries. Coming to fruition in 1989, VDC co-developed the very first Intra-oral camera, and the founder has now registered over 45 devices through an FDA submission business for 510K’s. Once again changing the industry, Video Dental now brings in an alternative to dental equipment leasing.
At Video Dental Concept we submit our solution to dental equipment leasing through our CareTeam with Sensurance plans, allowing your dental office to retain and own your equipment in a reasonable, timely manner. Broken into three separate plans depending on your equipment size sensor, our CareTeam with Sensurance plans offer monthly pricing after a single initial payment, broken down into 18-monthly payments. Along with eventually owning your products, instead of dental equipment leasing, Sensurance also includes the added benefits of installation and setup from our knowledgeable support team in a two-hour block of support time. You can also be certain your new equipment is protected from any unfortunate mishaps with the Sensurance Accidental Damage and Protection Plan, included in any size Sensurance plan you might need. The Sensurance Accidental Damage and Protection Plan provide our guarantee for sensor replacements with minimal out-of-pocket costs to you. Additionally, each plan comes with our Careteam Advantage Plan 6-Month Subscription, proposing a $44.95 per month value, a free iCAM, annual intraoral sensor or camera sheath supplies, discounted $60 per hour support (usually $100 per hour), and exclusive product discounts. Below is a list of these plans and benefits broken down individually:

  • Size 1 QuickRay Intraoral Sensor at $179 per month
  • Size 1.5 UniRayHD Intraoral Sensor at $209 per month
  • Size 2 QuickRay Intraoral Sensor at $239 per month

All plans include the following:

  • Installation and Setup
  • 2-Hour Block of Support Time
  • Careteam Advantage Plan 6-month Subscription
  • Sensurance Accidental Damage and Protection Plan

Included in the CareTeam Advantage Plan and multiple other great benefits to better your digital imaging solutions, and, instead of digital equipment leasing, you’ll gain personal sensor ownership with a free 6 months. For more information on the CareTeam with Sensurance plans and benefits, visit our Careteam with Sensurance information page at the provided link. And to get to know us at VDC better please contact us here at Video Dental so that we may answer any questions or concerns you have. Our mission at Video Dental Concept is to provide dental offices with high-quality imaging equipment at fair prices, and we believe in our route to ownership over dental equipment leasing.

Dental Equipment Leasing

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