Dental Digital Sensors Comparison

Dental imaging technology is now more advanced than ever. Intraoral cameras, imaging software, and dental x-ray sensors have all recently seen amazing improvements. As such, more and more companies are trying to stake their claim as the provider of the top dental x-ray sensor. The purpose of this article is to provide a dental digital sensors comparison to see which company does take the top mantel. We believe this comparison will shed light on how being involved in our industry since dental imaging began proves why we are the number one choice. For more information about our dental x-ray sensors or who we are as a company visit our website at the link provided here: Video Dental.

Dental Digital Sensors Comparison | Comparative Chart

  • Category / QuickRay** / UniRay HD** / Dentimax / Dexis / XDR / Carestream (Kodak)
  • Chip Material / CMOS** / CMOS** / CMOS / CMOS / CMOS / CMOS
  • Leading Image Quality / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
  • Cut Corners / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes / Yes / No
  • Replaceable Cord / Yes** / No** / Yes / No / Yes / No
  • “Boxless” / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Yes /Yes / No (Box built on cord)
  • Standard Software / Quickimage** / Quickimage** / Dentimax Imaging / Dexis Imaging / XDR Software / Kodak Dental Imaging (KDIS)
  • Independent Software / Yes (Apteryx)** / Yes (Apteryx)** / Yes (Apteryx) / No (Danaher) / No (XDR) / No (Kodak)
  • Universal Software (Other Device Compatibility) / Yes** / Yes** / Yes / Limited / Yes / No
  • Other Software Compatibility / Yes** / DenalEye & MiPACS only** / Yes /  DentalEye only / Yes / Yes
  • Windows Compatibility / 7, 8, 10** / 7, 8, 10** / 7, 8 / 7, 8 / 7, 8
  • Mac Compatibility / Yes** / No** / Yes / No / Yes /  No
  • Company History / Est. 1989** / Est. 1989** / na / Est. 1998 / Est. 2002 / Originally Trophy, sold to Kodak, sold to Carestream
  • Warranty (Years) / 2yr & 7yr (No annual fee, replacement plan)** // 1.5yr (5-yr available) / 1yr ($1,500-$2,000 per yr after) / 2yr (5-yr available) / 3yr (5-yr available)

Dental Digital Sensors Comparison : Why Video Dental?

Though the concept behind modern dental imaging equipment is the same, there are more things to consider. For example, you should take into account warranty options, pricing, and customer support. All three of these areas only further prove why we are the number one provider of dental x-ray sensors and associated dental imaging equipment.
Warranty Options
We truly believe in the products we sell. Seeing as we have been involved with designing and engineering our dental x-ray sensors, it is easy to stand behind our equipment. So we decided to offer a warranty plan for two years longer than our competitors. And that is why we provide a guaranteed replacement plan for our clients. In the unlikely case that your dental x-ray sensor does not perform as well as described in the allotted warranty period, we will gladly replace it.
Our prices are not only competitive but also provide the best overall value. This means you are getting a superior product with more support and protection for less money. There are also options for our clients to purchase our dental imaging equipment outright over time. We want to share the benefits of this technology with others and do so with a practical plan that is financially possible.
Customer Support
Every one of our employees is passionate about what we do. Our mission has always been to put the needs of our clients first and we aim for nothing short of complete satisfaction. At any time during customer support hours, you can talk to one of our expert technicians. You can reach our Care Team via phone or email for any questions you might have. You can even find us in a live chat just by visiting our website.

Dental Digital Sensors Comparison | About Us

Video Dental in the premier provider of state of the art dental imaging equipment. We have been a part of this industry since 1989 and continue to seek out innovative ways to improve ourselves and our technology. After attending over 300 trade shows, our company holds a highly respected position in the dental industry as an inventor, designer, and exclusive contractor to dental practices throughout the world. CONTACT US for more information.
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Dental Digital Sensors Comparison

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