Dental Digital Radiography

Dental digital radiography has become a fundamental component of the dentistry industry for various specific applications. Dental digital radiography allows for the detection of early problem areas in a patient’s’ oral health. Earlier detection of problems allows for the establishment of an earlier treatment plan and can help save patients from unnecessary discomfort, wasted time, and increased cost. Video Dental is a provider of high-quality dental imaging technology. We work to provide dentists of all specialties the proper equipment to facilitate their practice. Video Dental is the premier supplier of state of the art digital dental imaging products. Our team is consistently and enthusiastically looking for ways to improve upon the products that we offer as well as create innovative designs for new and better dental imaging technology. We carry a variety of high-end dental digital radiography products and have the expertise to pair you with the perfect machine for your current locale.
Dental professionals today are increasingly turning to digital dental radiographs for aid in making accurate diagnoses, detect problems and disease, and to monitor general oral health conditions. Dental digital radiography uses digital radiographs, or digital dental x-rays, in order to replace photographic x-ray film which was necessary for traditional radiography. Dental digital radiography is a highly versatile alternative to traditional imaging. The refined technology allows for enhanced computer imaging of oral structures such as teeth and gums. Enhanced computer imaging technology allows for highly accurate case diagnosis and allows you to easily relay your findings to your patients visually. Video Dental can provide with a variety of different dental digital radiography systems including our:

Video Dental offers you dental digital radiography technology that allows you to view the results of your x-ray scan instantaneously. The captured images can also be easily shown to patients and if necessary transferred to a specialist with minimal hassle. Dental digital radiography is a much more environmentally friendly approach to traditional radiography because it eliminates the chemical processing of film and leftover hazardous waste. Video Dental has been working to provide dental specialists the best dental digital radiography technology since 1989. Video Dental serves the dental industry as a worldwide digital dental imaging product developer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional dentistry technology.
We are dentistry imaging technology development leaders. We have been steadily helping shape the dental imaging equipment trends with our unique and innovative product designs for over 25 years. Our team has also developed some of the best dental imaging and management software in the industry. Our software is user-friendly and equipped to handle communication with almost any digital imaging dental sensor meaning no more senseless switching between multiple interfaces. Contact us at Video Dental today with any questions regarding our digital imaging technology products or dental software. Our team looks forward to working with your practice.

Dental Digital Radiography

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