Dental Digital Imaging

Video Dental has been providing state of the art dental digital imaging technology to our clientele for nearly three decades. We develop, manufacture, and distribute high-quality dental imaging sensors and software for all aspects of dentistry specialties. Video Dental is committed to continual growth and ongoing technological improvements. Keeping up with industry-specific technological advances is imperative to maintaining leverage as a leader within the dental imaging industry. We provide dental offices with a multitude of industry specific tools and software in order to simplify the process of obtaining high quality dental digital imaging results. Some of the products we offer our customer base include:

  • Intraoral Sensors
  • Intraoral PSP Scanners
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Bite Blocks & Positioners
  • Xray2Go Handheld X-Ray Generators
  • Wall Mount AC & DC X-Ray Generators
  • Digital Panoramic & 3D CBCT
  • Dental Practice Management Software
  • Dental Imaging Software

Intraoral Cameras
With dental digital imaging results produced by one of our intraoral cameras, your dental practice can easily achieve high definition images of your patients’ teeth that will reveal even the hardest to see areas of concern. Video Dental can provide you with sophisticated dental digital imaging intraoral cameras that allow for accurate diagnosis of encountered problems such as cracks, tooth decay, and enamel loss. The digital images captured by Video Dental’s intraoral cameras allow for instantaneous results that you can easily share with your patients for more detailed explanations of any concerns that you have encountered. This co-diagnosis is highly advantageous when making treatment recommendations because it allows your patients to better understand and see exactly what you are describing and recommending as their dental care provider.
Quickray X-Ray Sensor Kits
One of the most versatile and useful dentistry imaging technologies available are the x-ray sensor kits that we carry. Our Quickray HD x-ray sensors can provide you with impeccable image definition for the most coherent results available. We provide universal x-ray sensors that are compatible with virtually all dental imaging software on the market. Our dental imaging technology can provide the highest resolution and crystal clear results compared to many other products on the market at the most competitive pricing points. Video Dental’s Quickray sensor kits integrate easily with both PC and Mac computers through a USB interface. Our dental imaging technology is designed to be as user-friendly and expeditious as possible.  While QuickRay sensors are “oDental Digital Imagingut of this world since they are used on the ISS (International Space Station), so is their unique 7 year no annual fee replacement plan! QuickRay sensors comes with both a 2 year warranty against defects, a 7 year replacement cost guarantee against accidental damage, no enrollment fees and no annual fees!
Imaging Software
XrayVision® and XVlite™ are open architecture digital x-ray software that allows for a simple integration of multiple dental digital imaging results onto one platform. Having one software program that your dental office can use to manage and display images captured by all your dentistry imaging technology tools permits a much better workflow and a more organized overall system.
Video Dental is a true pioneer in dental imaging technology and continually stays at the forefront by developing the highest quality products. We are committed to the provision of the best dental imaging paraphernalia at economical price points. We take pride in playing our role for the betterment of affordable dental health care supplied by dental practices we work with. Since 1989 we have challenged the dental imaging industry to grow and have continuously worked on the improvement of existing and available technology. Contact us today to have any questions about our professional dentistry products answered. We look forward to working with your dental practice center.
Dental Digital ImagingXRay2Go handhelds are becoming more and more popular in the general practices as an alternative to bulkier and more expensive overall x-ray generators. Only weighing 4lbs, this popular handheld is the favorite of hygienists performing full mouth series of x-rays.  With Xray2Go, they no longer need to leave the room to press the x-ray generator trigger.  Instead they point and shoot and repeat till the ? is completed taking 2 to 3 minutes per patient.  The friendly looking “camera” is not invasive nor intimidating especially to children, making it a favorite of pedo practices.  The unit of course is perfect for mobile dentistry.  Equipping new offices with handhelds will save practices between 30 to 50% over installing an expensive generator in each operatory. Finally but not least,  Xray2Go operates at 3 mA versus the typical 8mA output of conventional Dental X-ray generators, therefore Xray2Go emits a much lower dose of radiation.  Xray2Go has also been chosen by NASA and UI for study on bone density in space.

Dental Digital Imaging

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