Dental Care | Dental Duo Camera Benefits

Dental Care | Dental Duo Camera Benefits

Here at Video Dental, we search for the latest in dental technology so dentists everywhere are equipped with the tools to give the best patient experience. One of the latest innovations we have come across is the QuickCam Duo which boasts both Intraoral and extraoral imaging for your cosmetic, dental examinations, and patient communication. Here are the Quickcam Duo Camera Benefits.


The intraoral camera comes in 1280×720 which is the highest resolution for any intraoral camera. This will make getting the right picture that much easier. The wand comes with a light attached onto it to provide crisp, well lit, high definition, intraoral photos.

There is an extraoral high resolution camera as well, allowing dentists to take extraoral photos as well. It is two in one!

The Wand

The wand holds both the intraoral and extraoral cameras, the light, and programmable capture buttons which will allow users to link this with virtually any dental imaging software.  There is a focus button, and a capture button to give the best images possible.

Moreover, the device does not call for much skill to be used. The handle is ambidextrous, allowing users who are right-handed or left-handed to handle it with ease.

It’s minimalist form makes it also more comfortable in the hand, which allows better stability, and reduced weight.

It comes with a USB that can be attached to a computer or tablet to upload images in real time.


There really is no comparison. The design and functions of this device make the duo camera benefits far outweigh those of single-function intraoral cameras, and especially those of the archaic mirrors and lights. With high definition imaging in and out of the mouth, along with ease of handling, the QuickCam Duo is truly an innovation in the dental tech industry. Visit Video Dental today  to get your very own Duo camera!