In our current day in age where the advent of digital photography, high tech medical/dental radiology systems, and digital x-ray systems have made clinical diagnostic and examination processes much quicker and substantially more efficient; many medical and dental professionals seem to forget when, where, and how all of this technology came to fruition.
This special article series is predominately about the history of where photography first started and how it contributed directly to dental photography, intra oral cameras, and dental cam imaging systems, and dental x-ray machines.
That being said…
What is an Intra Oral Camera (IOC/IOVC)?
An intra oral camera is basically a hand held dental camera that is used by a dentistry professional to view the inside of a patients mouth. There are several different types of IOC’ s and IOVC’s, some are manufactured for personal use at home and others are manufactured specifically for dental professionals that need higher quality intra oral camera components for high quality intra oral images.
IOC’s and intra oral images can serve many purposes in a dentist’s office. A dental professional uses intra-oral cameras for the in depth examination inside of a patients mouth. The IOC / IOVC allows for the dentist and patient to either view a live video feed on a monitor while the dentist is examining the patients mouth and/or IOC images are saved via USB or wireless and later viewed on a computer or tablet when the dentist is finished the examination.
The intra-oral camera allows the dentist and patient to discuss any problems that may have been discovered, allows the dentist to capture and store images of problematic areas in a patients mouth seamlessly and on the fly, helps with recreation processes with cosmetic dentistry, further assists dentists with general dental health tracking and monitoring of progress on previous dental procedures, and helps keep accurate records for overall efficient dental practice management work flow processes – file management, tracking patient treatment plans, insurance claims, billing, etc.
Want to learn more about the history of dental photography and types of dental cameras?
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