Dental Bitewing

Technological advances in the dentistry industry are always occurring. The dental imaging portion of our trade can be largely credited to the continuous reach for better, more efficient imaging sensors. Video Dental Concepts has been an innovative producer of the most trusted dental digital imaging technology in the United States for numerous years. Video Dental can provide you with a complete selection of dental bitewing sensors from:

  • Vertical dental bitewing sensor kit
  • Anterior dental bitewing sensor kit
  • Horizontal  dental bitewing sensor kit
  • Posterior dental bitewing sensor kit
  • Universal dental bitewing sensor kit

Dental radiography is one of the most useful tools available to dentistry specialists. It allows dentists to diagnose and consequently help treat many problems that would’ve been difficult to deal with prior to the x-ray systems. One the of the most regularly used x-rays, dentist use is referred to as the bitewing. Dental bitewing technology is used in order to detect and demonstrate the presence of increasing tooth decay among the molars. The name bitewing is taken from the manner in which the film is placed in the mouth. Once positioned the patient is asked to bite down on a tab or “wing” that helps hold the intraoral sensor in place.
Bitewing sensors retrieve dental images after x-rays have been directed onto the outside of the individual’s cheek. The x-ray then passes through the teeth in order to expose itself on the film. The design implemented onto the dental bitewing sensors have allowed these devices to help provide much clearer images of the mouth because the teeth are helping keep the strip of film motionless and therefore less distorted.
With the implementation of new digital imaging technology that reduces exposure rates for radiation bitewing technology has proven to constitute practically no health risk to patients. Even before the implementation of these extra safeguards against radiation a four film bitewing technology session (approximately 0.004 millisieverts) would expose patients to less than a daily dose of environmental radiation (approximately 0.01 millisieverts).
Video Dental has been providing original, proficient designs for dental equipment since 1989. Our aim is to provide dentistry specialists with high-quality video imaging technology at economically sound prices. We believe that the improvements in the dentistry industry that can be begun to be universally applied ultimately help benefit a lot more people than when rolled out slowly. We believe that everyone should have access to the best dental care practices available, and we are playing our humble role in helping this happen.
Video Dental Concept are proud to provide trusted quality dentistry imaging technology. We have attended over three hundred trade shows where we demonstrated the application and improvements of our technology to other industry professionals. Contact one of our in-house representatives today to have any questions on our products answered or if you need help placing an order. We are happy to help clarify any your inquiries to help properly meet your dentistry sensor needs. Video Dental can get business conduction moving as soon as you reach out; we will work diligently to get the latest dentistry imaging tech into your hands quickly.

Dental Bitewing

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