Dental Anesthesia Equipment

Video Dental is a leading manufacturer, developer, and distributor of cutting-edge dental anesthesia equipment. We have been constant innovators in the dental industry for over twenty-five years and continue to push the limits on the advancements of our technology and how it can benefit dental offices everywhere. Our latest innovation that we are proud to announce is the introduction of AcuFlow. Dental anesthesia equipment has a long history of painful, uncomfortable methods leaving patients skeptical to even visit a dentist due to their personal anxiety surrounding what they might endure during said visit. This was one of leading motivators that pushed our team of dental anesthesia equipment innovators to pursue a modern solution that delivers for all parties involved, making dental offices and their clients alike happy.
Methods for local anesthesia in the dental industry have been the backbone of research in pain control techniques and have been found to be the most effective and safe method for the prevention and management of oral pain. However, one thing that has never changed overall is the methods by which dental anesthesia equipment had to be utilized for administering the anesthetic. Some of the most commonly used methods were as follows:

  • Inhalation
  • Oral Medicine
  • Topical Anesthesia
  • Local Anesthesia

The overall potency or effective duration became less exact and more harmful as they attempted to use such chemicals as Chloroform and Cocaine for their numbing qualities. The consensus quickly became that local anesthesia with the proper dental anesthesia equipment was by far the best overall method. However, this quickly lead patients to develop a psychological fear of seeking dental help as they believed the dental anesthesia equipment would be far too painful to tolerate. Eventually, technology caught up with the research and our methods for using modern dental anesthesia equipment has become increasingly less painful over time.
Now, this is where AcuFlow has begun to make a name for itself as the leading type of dental anesthesia equipment. As the new paradigm in intraoral anesthetic delivery, AcuFlow is a cordless, motorized system that delivers both painless and precise injections of a local anesthetic. What sets it further apart from other intraoral anesthetic delivery systems is its ease of use. There are only a few simple steps to ensure it is functioning properly and fully operational, and it takes no time to train all of your professional dental team members. AcuFlow is the contemporary choice for dental offices searching for modern and efficient solutions for a local anesthetic application.
For a more thorough look at our products and services offered from Video Dental visit us on our website at Video Dental, Inc. If you request any additional information regarding our AcuFlow system or would like to inquire about our services that allow you to own your own dental equipment instead of resorting to leasing it then Contact Us at the link provided. We formed Video Dental with the initial goal to save people money, but now we want to provide more than just financial comfort; we want to provide total satisfaction from your dental experience.

Dental Anesthesia Equipment

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