CBCT Images

Are you ready to improve the patient experience at your practice and upgrade to the best digital dental X-ray machine for pan, ceph, 2D/3D, and CBCT images? Then check out our latest innovation and newly featured dental X-ray machine, the RayScan Alpha Plus by Video Dental Concepts. It has award-winning technology and produces the industries top quality images in high-def 2D panoramic and high-quality 3D. The RayScan Alpha Plus even has a one-shot ceph option as a part of its cephalometric technology. This combined with the very first free FOV that solely targets only the necessary anatomy, an X-ray guide that is visible in real-time, incredibly fast image processing, and scan times that can’t be beaten is why our dental X-ray machine leads the industry.
Advanced Features
The advanced features of the RayScan Alpha Plus allow it to obtain all pan, ceph, 2D/3D, and CBCT images with minimum harmful radiation exposure consistent with ALARA guidelines. Its intuitive workflow shortens the time it takes for everyone to take advantage of its capabilities and, more importantly, makes it easy to operate. This means training team members at your dental office to use it is simple.
Other useful features include a wireless remote control and an adaptive cooling system. The wireless remote enables you to move around freely while positioning the patient. The cooling system is adaptive and minimizes the inconvenient waiting time from one scan to the next. The design accommodates patients of all ages, cutting down the exposure that comes with pan, ceph, 2D/3D, and CBCT images.
Diagnostic Applications
The RayScan Alpha Plus has an adjustable field of view (FOV). This makes it suitable for whatever your diagnostic needs might be in patients of all ages. It also means that its diverse capabilities can be utilized to obtain 2D/ 3D and CBCT images during exams for orthodontics, endodontics, implants, airways, TMJs, oral and maxillofacial surgery. It all comes backed by a five-year warranty and the Ray Guard remote monitoring and update service.
Want to learn more? Click here to view the RayScan Alpha Plus in full detail, with an extended description, key features, and technical specs included. Or watch the video of the RayScan Alpha Plus in action below.

About Us
Video Dental Concepts has been a part of the digital dental imaging industry since first helping design the original intraoral camera back in 1989. Ever since we have been working hard on finding new and creative solutions for getting the latest equipment to dental practices around the world. We are proudly a board member of the Dental Trade Association and offer the best price, support, and warranty options for all the products we distribute. Be sure to check out all of our different products available on our website. For assistance, call us at 800-323-2690. Or email us at the link provided here: Contact Video Dental.
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CBCT Images

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