CBCT Dental Imaging

Video Dental is a leading developer of CBCT dental imaging technology. We are regarded as the go-to providers for state of the art dental imaging technology. Our team has been designing and manufacturing digital imaging technology for the dental industry for over 25 years. We strive to remain the innovative authority that we have become in our industry.  CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography; it is one of the most versatile and cutting edge instruments for dental practices. Video Dental provides clients with CBCT dental imaging technology with industry leading resolution capabilities. If you have been looking to experience panoramic clarity like you’ve never witnessed then it’s time to reach out to our team at Video Dental. Our company mission is to provide dental professional across the board with the best dental imaging technology available. We provide tools for dental specialists that help increase productivity through simplifying the process of obtaining high-quality digital imaging of patients’ teeth. At Video Dental not only can you find some of the best CBCT dental imaging machinery you can also find other dentistry products directly on our site such as:

  • Intraoral Cameras
  • X-Ray Sensors
  • Bite Blocks & Positioners
  • Dental Imaging Software
  • Dental Management Software

RayScan Alpha Plus
The RayScan Alpha Plus provides users with highly adaptive technology that allows for adjustable focus and enhanced processing of the captured digital images. The Rayscan Alpha Plus also comes equipped with a convenient touch screen interface. The Rayscan Alpha Plus was introduced by our team at Video Dental and provided the dental industry with the first light-guided CBCT dental imaging device. With the Rayscan Alpha Plus, you will also receive an elegant and advantageous wireless remote controller. Video Dental designed the Rayscan Alpha Plus with proficiency in mind. This CBCT dental imaging instrument allows you to easily create 3D dental images and relay diagnostic information to your patients in a visual and comprehensive manner.
Owandy I-Max Touch
The Owandy I-Max Touch is our latest release in CBCT dental imaging technology. It is among the top-quality digital radiography machines in the industry today. The Owandy is a piece of CBCT Dental Imaging technology that will guide you to optimal patient positioning through laser light beams; this allows for accurate patient positioning within a few seconds. Video Dental has strived to make the Owandy I-Max Touch as user-friendly as possible.If you have been looking to enhance workflow speed and diagnostic accuracy the Owandy I-Max Touch is the premium solution.
Contact our team at Video Dental if you have any questions regarding our CBCT dental imaging technology, intraoral cameras, or dentistry software and one of our technology experts will clarify your inquiries. Video Dental has been serving the dental industry for nearly three decades. We look forward to helping your dental practice reach the proficiency and productivity that you’ve been striving for.

CBCT Dental Imaging

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