Cone beam computed tomography is one of the highest grade tools within the dentist’s office. It is one of the processes for creating visual representations of the mouth’s interior. Our CBCT 3D technology is state of the art and can help any dentistry expert with various aspects of their practice. Medical Imaging is used to display the inner workings of the body specific to the scanner. Video Dental consistently strives to provide the best and newest forms of technology to our customers. We understand the importance of staying up to date with recent medical technology as a dentistry professional. Video Dental is proud to say that our CBCT 3D tech that found its way into the hands of various dental specialists for multiple applications such as:

  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontists
  • Oral surgery

A CBCT 3D sensor provides a comprehensive map of the patient’s mouth by conglomerating hundreds of distinct images that are collected as the scanner rotates around the perimeter of the head. Video Dental carries two distinct models of panoramic dental x-ray scanners that our clientele have come to trust, understand, love, and depend on. Having a quality panoramic CBCT 3D system will ensure that your office is equipped with the proper technology for any scenario; it has quickly become a crucial element for the success of a series of miscellaneous dentists and orthodontists alike.
Bitewing imaging technology is the equipment used to render accurate digital x-ray pictures that demonstrate the back of both the upper and lower row of a patient’s teeth. There are several reasons for a dentistry specialist would choose or need to do this, one of the main reasons being to see how well the upper and lower teeth line up with each other.
Traditional bitewing imaging technology requires the rendering of up to four separate x-ray imaging exposures. It’s easy to see and understand why CBCT 3D technology would be a more comfortable alternative. It allows your patients to sit or stand while the process takes place, is quick but also accurate, and is also easy to operate.
A top of the line CBCT 3D system such as the Rayscan Alpha Plus or the Owandy I-Max Touch – PAN Ceph & CBCT will introduce a medley of CBCT 3Dbenefits for your practice within your office. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is the added information you can gather while using it. More accurate diagnostics means that more efficient treatment that can be offered to your patients. CBCT 3D tech has demonstrated greater proficiency over traditional bitewing imaging tech. In diagnosing problems such as:

  • Pathological jaw lesions
  • Periodontal bone defects
  • Periapical lesions

Video Dental offers our professional clientele the best CBCT 3D technology available that provides practitioners with a huge amount of benefits if integrated with their practice. A cone beam computed tomography 3D scanner had been shown to reduce the levels of exposure radiation when compared to traditional imaging technology by up to 40%. If you are serious about keeping your dentistry or orthodontics practice as up to date and competitive as possible a CBCT system is an indispensable investment. Contact us today to learn more about our products or make a purchase today.


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