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Intraoral Dental Camera

Video Dental is an innovative company that has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing cutting-edge digital imaging equipment for over two decades. At Video Dental, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have access to excellent dental care. Video Dental strives to be at the forefront of dental technology, and we are constantly working...


An Intraoral Imaging System is Used to Simplify Dental Diagnosis

There is a variety of applications for intraoral imaging technology products. Essentially an intraoral imaging system is used to capture radiographic images that can be viewed on a monitor or tablet. The obtainment of the radiographic images is accomplished through x-ray exposure and is referred to as direct digital imaging. An intraoral imaging system is...


Wireless Intraoral Cameras

The dental industry is one is that is constantly being improved upon with the help of better technology and refined specialist techniques. Video Dental is a proud producer of state of the art dental imaging technology. We carry some of the best wireless intraoral cameras in the industry. Video Dental Concepts has been helping shape...