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How long should an Intra-Oral Sensor last?

A dental practice is only as good as the people running it. But the truth is, you’re not going to get very far without the right equipment either. And one of the most important developments in dental technology in the last decade is the intra-oral sensor. These can be a costly investment if you don’t...


Digital Dental Sensors

The benefits of incorporating our constantly improving technology into our professional fields are undeniable. This has especially been seen in the medical and dental industries and has enabled dentists specifically to become more proactive, efficient, and helpful to their clients. One of these improvements has come in the form of digital dental sensors. Digital dental...


Digital Radiography

Video Dental has been offering some of the best in technology for dental computerized imaging to our demographic for over twenty-five years. We design, produce, and distribute innovative dental imaging sensors and computer software to help make dental practices operate more proficiently. Video Dental is focused on the persistent development new technology and is consistently...


Intraoral Dental Camera

Video Dental is an innovative company that has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing cutting-edge digital imaging equipment for over two decades. At Video Dental, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have access to excellent dental care. Video Dental strives to be at the forefront of dental technology, and we are constantly working...


Dental X Ray Sensor Repair

Video Dental Concepts has been serving the dental industry as a dental digital imaging technology specialists for almost three decades. We can provide you with expert dental X ray sensor repair, replacement, or upgrade. Over the years we have grown to be the among the most dependable and economical dental sensor provider. Dental imaging technology...


Dental Sensor

Over the years the QuickRay Dental Sensor has proven to be the most reliable and affordable Dental Sensor in the marketplace.  Cost, reliability and dental imaging quality are top priorities for any dental sensor system to operate flawlessly while producing the best results possible for your dental practice.  QuickRay is compatible with PC or Mac...


Intraoral Sensor

Technological advances in the dental x-ray imaging field are continuous, as chipset speeds increase, they become more powerful.  When a dental practice decides to invest in a digital intraoral sensor it will be the leading dental tool that will have the most impact on ROI and overall profit margins.  Speed and efficiency at a dental...