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Dental Service Organizations and Your Business Office

In any medical field, change is inevitable. We refine our approach to each patient’s specific problems, combining technology and precision expertise to create better solutions. And, it goes without saying, we have refined the way we approach the business of medicine, as well. Dentistry is no exception. In the last decade, dentists have begun a...


Digital Dental Sensors

The benefits of incorporating our constantly improving technology into our professional fields are undeniable. This has especially been seen in the medical and dental industries and has enabled dentists specifically to become more proactive, efficient, and helpful to their clients. One of these improvements has come in the form of digital dental sensors. Digital dental...


Finding the Best Intraoral Camera

Upgrades for your dental office are a way to keep your business operating with the best advancements in technology. One of the most common product pursuits a dental group searches for when improving their dental equipment is the look for the best intraoral camera. Video Dental provides a number of different high-tech products used in...


Dental Anesthesia Machine

During the nineties, endeavors were undertaken to create a dental anesthesia machine that would combine computer technology with local anesthetic delivery systems that would regulate the rate of movement of the anesthetic solution going through the needle.  The dental anesthesia machine that arose became known as computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (CCLAD).   Video Dental is proud...


Intraoral Dental Camera

Video Dental is an innovative company that has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing cutting-edge digital imaging equipment for over two decades. At Video Dental, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have access to excellent dental care. Video Dental strives to be at the forefront of dental technology, and we are constantly working...


An Intraoral Imaging System is Used to Simplify Dental Diagnosis

There is a variety of applications for intraoral imaging technology products. Essentially an intraoral imaging system is used to capture radiographic images that can be viewed on a monitor or tablet. The obtainment of the radiographic images is accomplished through x-ray exposure and is referred to as direct digital imaging. An intraoral imaging system is...


Intraoral Examination

The intraoral camera was first introduced to the dental industry in 1989.  Video Dental was at the forefront of developing this powerful technology that promotes better patient interaction via immediate viewing of dental images.  The intraoral camera is by far one of the single most impactful instruments a dental practice can invest in and your...


Intraoral Camera

Video Dental has been at the forefront of dental imaging since the inception of the digital era.  As an innovator for Intraoral Camera technology we have developed many techniques which are patented and widely used by most Intraoral Camera Manufacturers.  Don’t waste your time looking at any intraoral camera manufacturer who is not FDA approved...


Intraoral Cameras

Video Dental is a pioneer for Intraoral Cameras and definitely has one of the widest selections that will satisfy all of your dental imaging needs.  This cutting edge dental imaging technology is the perfect tool for all dental professionals.  Our intraoral cameras are manufactured to deliver the most accurate and clear cut dental imaging.  Detail...