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What Are The Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

The dental industry is in a constant search for new ways to improve how we diagnose and treat oral conditions. The ability to diagnose oral conditions in their earliest forms is a huge benefit for both dentists and patients. The earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. Early detection creates a powerful call to...

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A Short History of the Intraoral Camera, With Video Dental Concepts

In the world of modern dentistry, it’s the development of new technology that benchmarks how far we’ve come. And it dates back further than you might think. Early dental technicians were taking intraoral photos as far back 1839. New York dental instruments took the recently-released photography process of Louis J. M. Daguerre and based their...


Finding the Best Intraoral Camera

Upgrades for your dental office are a way to keep your business operating with the best advancements in technology. One of the most common product pursuits a dental group searches for when improving their dental equipment is the look for the best intraoral camera. Video Dental provides a number of different high-tech products used in...


Dental Intraoral Camera

All industry leaders understand that keeping up with advances in their industry, technological or otherwise, is a huge part of remaining competitive in that respective trade. A dental intraoral camera is a newer piece of dental equipment, but could easily be one of the most beneficial for professional oral hygienists to have in their arsenal....


Intraoral Camera

Video Dental has been at the forefront of dental imaging since the inception of the digital era.  As an innovator for Intraoral Camera technology we have developed many techniques which are patented and widely used by most Intraoral Camera Manufacturers.  Don’t waste your time looking at any intraoral camera manufacturer who is not FDA approved...