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Central Florida District

  Preview the NEWEST Intraoral X-Ray Solution Attending the Central Florida District tomorrow?  Please visit us at table # 5 for a chance to win an iCam! May 3, 2018 Go digital fast, easy & economically!   Great x-ray solution for ALL practices. Replaces bulky, outdated, or defective wall-mounted x-ray generators and minimizes radiation exposure....


Handheld X-Ray Machine

At Video Dental, we carry the newest and most innovative products on the market. There’s no need to suffer with massive, clunky, or outdated technology any longer.  May we present to you the MobileX handheld x-ray machine that looks like a camera! Just one MobileX dental x-ray generator does the work of numerous wall-mounted x-ray...


Portable X-Ray Generator

What is a Portable X-Ray Generator? Traditionally, a cumbersome and intimidating wall-mounted x-ray generator is mounted for diagnostic dental imaging. Older model dental x-ray machines will emit large doses of radiation in order to achieve the necessary x-ray image with E-speed film. Additionally, these outdated dental imaging machines are stationary and often times do not...