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Entry-level intraoral scanner offers full-color digital scans at a low cost, an easy-to-use interface, simple file sharing, and impressive speed and accuracy   I acquired my first QuickScan 2 years ago when it was introduced at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Since then, I’ve been using it on a regular basis and have...


What Are Digital Intraoral Sensors?

What are digital intraoral sensors? How do digital intraoral sensors benefit dental patients? How hard are digital sensors to use? I am going to address these questions and more to help enlighten you on this innovative new technology. Simply put, digital intraoral sensors are X-ray imaging equipment that brings improved resolution images to dentists to...


Finding the Best Intraoral Camera

Upgrades for your dental office are a way to keep your business operating with the best advancements in technology. One of the most common product pursuits a dental group searches for when improving their dental equipment is the look for the best intraoral camera. Video Dental provides a number of different high-tech products used in...


Dental Supplies and Equipment

All dentists strive to be the best at what they do. Whether it is delivering a quality practice or quickly diagnosing oral complications, surely your business wants the best for your customers. This is where we at Video Dental come into play. Video Dental Concepts offers practical solutions for acquiring dental supplies and equipment to...


Dental Equipment Leasing

Dental digital radiography or 3D dental imaging has become the leading edge technology utilized throughout the dental industry. This technology allows dental companies to detect and address any issues a patient might have about their oral health. Due to the benefits of dental digital radiography, early detection of any complications saves customers more money through...


Dental Imaging Technologies

Video Dental helped introduce the industry’s first intraoral camera system and has continually worked to offer our professional clientele state-of-the-art digital dental imaging technologies. Our dedication to serving our clients the best dental imaging equipment possible has helped us become regarded as the industry’s top digital imaging product provider. Selecting the proper digital imaging products...