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  Here is another hilarious dental video with the two popular comedians Abbott and Costello acting out a skit about going to the dentist. In this episode Abbott and Costello live together and work together as window washers for high rise buildings in the city. Abbott who did not get any sleep the night before...



Dentist jokes are funny, but a video of a dentistry joke is over the top. Have you heard this one? “A masochist walks into a dentist office…” Never mind. I can’t tell it as well as this video does. Here’s a video clip from Little Shop of Horrors where Bill Murray (the masochist) walks in...


VIDEO: Comedian Mark Lowery Goes to the Dentist

COMEDIAN MARK LOWERY VISITS HIS NEW DENTIST  FOR THE FIRST TIME… SO WE ALL HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST RIGHT? Especially when it is the very first visit to a new dentist, that uneasy feeling in your stomach…Well, years ago, stand up comedian Mark Lowery was given a special “gift” from his brother and decided...


VIDEO: Mr.Bean Goes to the Dentist

MR. BEAN AT THE DENTIST Famous comedians like to poke fun at dentists, especially the infamous Mr. Bean In this funny dental humor video, the hilarious Mr. Bean is at it again, this time at his dentist. Mr Bean in his usual demeanor, impatiently sits in the dental chair fidgeting around and messing with all...


VIDEO: Funny Toothbrush Marketing

This is neither a recommendation for toothbrushes for dental offices, nor an ad for the product in the video. Not even going to write about its actual name. Exceedingly wealthy viewer’s thinking: If it’s styled with curves like a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster; constructed of seemingly high tech titanium; presented in a slick video; narrated with...


New Dental Technology Fun?

New Dental Technology Fun? When most people think about a visit to the dentist, they don’t typically associate with fun times. Well, they might if they’re like Bill Murray playing the masochist in the dentist office in Little Shop of Horrors. But normally, not so much. However, a trip to the dentist these days may...