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Dental Equipment For Sale USA

Choosing the right dental equipment is obviously important to your dental practice, as it ultimately determines your productivity, comfort, and success rates. Alongside that is also exactly where and from whom you should purchase your dental equipment. There are thousands of options for dental equipment for sale in the USA, and it may be overwhelming...


Dental Equipment For Sale United States

Buying dental equipment can be a daunting task, especially when some of your buying options are outside of the United States. You might be wondering if purchasing your dental equipment overseas is worth the time, risk, and shipping costs. You’ll also want to consider the amount of time for your equipment to arrive, and this...


Dental Equipment and Their Uses

The tools a dentist uses make it possible to perform complex procedures necessary for various patients’ specific needs. You may be curious about the types of dental equipment and their uses – in fact, you may even recognize some from your own visit to a dental office. Some of the most common include: Dental Chair...


Dental Anesthesia Equipment

Video Dental is a leading manufacturer, developer, and distributor of cutting-edge dental anesthesia equipment. We have been constant innovators in the dental industry for over twenty-five years and continue to push the limits on the advancements of our technology and how it can benefit dental offices everywhere. Our latest innovation that we are proud to...


Dental Equipment Leasing

Dental digital radiography or 3D dental imaging has become the leading edge technology utilized throughout the dental industry. This technology allows dental companies to detect and address any issues a patient might have about their oral health. Due to the benefits of dental digital radiography, early detection of any complications saves customers more money through...