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Who Invented CBCT?

In 1967, engineer Sir Godfrey N.Hounsfield invented the 1st generation C.T. scanner. A single detector element captured an x-ray beam. The detector and source rotated by a single degree, only, and were known as “pencil” beam scanners. At the time, they were only designed to scan the head. It wasn’t until 1982 that Robles RA...


Who Discovered CBCT?

Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield invented CBCT technology in 1967, although it was originally developed for use in angiography, not dentistry. In the years that followed, it would subsequently be applied to work in the maxillofacial field, which was a step in the direction of dentistry. It was only in the late ‘90s that it became...


What Is CBCT Used For?

CBCTs have become a standard element in most dentists’ offices in recent years. But what is CBCT used for in the context of your dental office? Let’s take a closer look. Description A cone-beam computed tomography system, or CBCT, is a variation in the traditional computed tomography system. These are used by dental professionals and...


What Is CBCT Scan Blog?

CBCT is an X-Ray examination technique that creates 3D images of teeth and jaws. As an approach, this extremely valuable to a dentist, giving them a more complete overview of the patient’s jaw, overall.  These scans are actually useful in various fields of dentistry, from dental implants to root canal treatments and managing impacted teeth....


What Does CBCT Stand For?

CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography and is also sometimes known as C-arm CT, cone beam volume CT, and flat panel CT. What this amounts to is a medical imaging technique that specifically uses divergent X-rays to form a cone, which are then used as part of a computed tomography process. In recent years,...


How Much Does A Dental CBCT Scan Cost?

Cone beam Dental CT technology has changed the face of the dental practice, permanently. This tech provides three-dimensional analyses of each tooth and the supporting structures around them. But how much does a dental CBCT scan cost?  At one stage, CT scans could cost between $1,000 and $1,500 for each scan, not to mention the...


How CBCT Works?

Dental cone-beam computed tomography, or CBCT, uses x-rays when standard dental or facial x-rays are insufficient. It’s a type of CT scanner that produces 3D dental images, including soft tissues and nerve pathways, as well as craniofacial bones. It creates detailed images for more accurate and precise treatment. This isn’t the same as standard CT...


Dental Cone Beam CT: What Is It?

Dental CBCTs are a special variety of X-ray equipment for situations where standard dental x-rays aren’t enough. They serve a great purpose as diagnostic tools and can be used to produce images similar to conventional CT imaging. The upside is that they do this with far less radiation, which helps to minimize the risk to...