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Dental Anesthesia Machine

During the nineties, endeavors were undertaken to create a dental anesthesia machine that would combine computer technology with local anesthetic delivery systems that would regulate the rate of movement of the anesthetic solution going through the needle.  The dental anesthesia machine that arose became known as computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (CCLAD).   Video Dental is proud...


Dental Supplies and Equipment

All dentists strive to be the best at what they do. Whether it is delivering a quality practice or quickly diagnosing oral complications, surely your business wants the best for your customers. This is where we at Video Dental come into play. Video Dental Concepts offers practical solutions for acquiring dental supplies and equipment to...


Dental Equipment Leasing

Dental digital radiography or 3D dental imaging has become the leading edge technology utilized throughout the dental industry. This technology allows dental companies to detect and address any issues a patient might have about their oral health. Due to the benefits of dental digital radiography, early detection of any complications saves customers more money through...


CBCT Imaging

CBCT imaging technology has helped revolutionize the dental industry. Cone beam computed tomography also known as CBCT imaging is used to yield highly accurate and quick 3D scans of patients teeth. If you have been looking for state of the art dental imaging technology for your practice we can help. Video Dental has been serving...


CBCT Dental Imaging

Video Dental is a leading developer of CBCT dental imaging technology. We are regarded as the go-to providers for state of the art dental imaging technology. Our team has been designing and manufacturing digital imaging technology for the dental industry for over 25 years. We strive to remain the innovative authority that we have become...


Best Dental Panoramic Machines

Video Dental has been providing cutting edge dental imaging technology for over twenty-five years. We can help provide your dentistry practice with the some of the best dental panoramic machines available. Video Dental has been regarded as a major contender in the dental imaging technology industry since our company’s inception. We helped introduce the industry’s...


3D Dental Imaging

3D dental imaging technology has made its way to the forefront of the dental industry. It is one of the most effective ways to capture dental images and quickly relay the captured information to patients. Video Dental has been providing highly effective product solutions for digital imaging technology for over two and a half decades....