Bite Blocks and Bitewings

Once your office has decided to invest in one of our top of the line digital x-ray systems, the next step it to go about properly using and caring for it. Bite blocks are an essential part of this. Our bite blocks are designed with the highest grade silicone to ensure that they withstand daily wear and tear while remaining both safe and comfortable for your patients. The bite blocks are color coded in order to eliminate confusion and facilitate a speedy assembly. They also feature a self-adjusting sensor clip which allows the same bite block to fit multiple sized sensors. A rigid edge is used in order to keep the sensor steady and in place. This ensures the clearest picture possible.
We have for color coded bite blocks. Each is created to allow for optimal imaging in different sections of the mouth.
The blue bite block is best used to X ray anterior teeth. Place the video dental sensor into the self-adjusting clip. The sensor should be placed vertically with the active face against the bite block’s backing plate. Place your video dental sensor behind the maxillary teeth that you would like to image. Make sure that the sensor is positioned in the middle of the mouth. This is imperative due to the sensor’s large size and rigidity. Instruct your patient to slowly and gently bite down on the blue bite block. Once you have lined up the aiming ring and the x ray machine, you can take your image.
The yellow bite block is used to image posterior maxillary teeth. The procedure is nearly exactly the same as with the blue bite block. However, the sensor should now be placed horizontally.
The red blocks are called bite wings and are used in order to simultaneously image the lower and upper set of teeth. Bitewings are especially helpful to diagnose cavities that are positioned between the teeth. Make sure that the sensor is inserted into the bite wing horizontally. Position the wing nearest the dental arch that you are trying to image, in the middle of the mouth as with the blue and yellow bite blocks.
With all of the bite blocks and bitewings, it is best to use the paralleling technique. This means that before taking an image, the dentist should make sure that the sensor is parallel to the x ray tube. This technique will produce the clearest images.
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Bite Blocks

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