What are the Benefits of A Handheld X-Ray?

What are the Benefits of A Handheld X-Ray?

With advancements in technology, traditional  x-ray machines have become quite archaic. Handheld x-rays are quickly becoming more and more popular among dentists for many reasons. Here are the  benefits of handheld x-rays that will make you traditional x ray obsolete.

Space and Portability

Handhelds are easier to transport and store when not in use. This means that moving patients to specific radiology rooms are no longer needed, as the device can be transported to the room of the patient.

Having a handheld x-ray means you can bring the radiology room to the patient. This gives dentists  the time they would otherwise need to transport the patient to the radiology room, and the convenience for the patient of not having to be transported every which way for tests.

Furthermore, the small nature of this handheld device frees up a lot of space. Since space is a very important aspect, having a handheld x-ray will cut down costs and allow other operatories to be set up in place of a traditional radiology room.

User-Friendliness and Safety

Safety should be of utmost important, not only for the patients, but for the doctors as well. The guards on the device protect exposed parts of the body from being attacked by the x-ray. There is also less margin for error, as a whole team of people working the machine is reduced to one.

Since the handheld will run on less power than a traditional x-ray, it will  exert less energy that could otherwise be transferred to patients or other members. That also means a more efficient use of energy that translates into a reduced energy bill.

Superior Imaging

Handheld x-rays also produce higher quality images. With higher quality images, diagnosing becomes less of a hassle. The margin of error is greatly reduced with images of a much higher quality than a traditional set up.

These are the main reasons to own a handheld x ray. Visit Video Dental where we supply dentists with the best technologies. Our goal is to equip dentists with seamless, user friendly devices to generate positive feedback from patients. Visit our website today to see what we can offer you.