An Intraoral Imaging System is Used to Simplify Dental Diagnosis

There is a variety of applications for intraoral imaging technology products. Essentially an intraoral imaging system is used to capture radiographic images that can be viewed on a monitor or tablet. The obtainment of the radiographic images is accomplished through x-ray exposure and is referred to as direct digital imaging. An intraoral imaging system is used to simplify the process of obtaining high-quality dental images for patients and relaying the visual information to them in a quick and efficient manner.
The preferred exposure method for intraoral camera systems is the applied use of the paralleling technique. The paralleling technique involves placing a film along (parallel to) the axis of the patient’s tooth. During the process, the patient is seated upright in your dental chair. By having your patient properly seated and positioning the intraoral sensor this way you allow the x-ray to have an accurate focus of the scan perpendicular to the long axis of your patient’s’ tooth. Video Dental serves the dental imaging technology industry through the development and distribution of high-quality digital imaging technology. Our company mission is to provide dentistry professionals with state-of-the-art technology in order for them to provide quicker and more accurate diagnosis of patient problems and be able to readily demonstrate their finding to the patients all within the first visit. An intraoral imaging system is used to aid the diagnostic process of dentistry specialists of all kinds including:

  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral Surgeons

Our team here at Video Dental understand that every dental practice is different and will have different needs. However, we also understand that all dental specialists need the proper tools if they want to maximize their practice’s efficiency and customer service provision. Because there are unique factors to every dental practice such as the number of patients that visit you, the equipment your team is accustomed to using, and even the structural layout of your locale we work to provide our clients with an ample selection of dental imaging technology. Some of the intraoral cameras that you can choose at Video Dental include our:

Video Dental can provide with the most reliable digital imaging system technology. Our team is dedicated and consistently working toward improvement in the design and functionality of the dental sensors that we provide our clients with. We are intraoral imaging specialists; in fact, we helped pioneer and introduce the dental industry’s first intraoral camera back in 1989 in partnership with Panasonic’s Camera Division and ETS Group Optical Corporation. Nearly three decades later we are recognized as the leading designers and manufacturers of dental imaging sensors. Video Dental is a member of the board of the Dental Trade Association and we have attended over 300 industry related trade shows in which we showcased our technology functions and benefits. Contact our team at Video Dental with any inquiries regarding our intraoral camera systems or any other of our digital imaging technology products.

An Intraoral Imaging System is Used to Simplify Dental Diagnosis


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