Mission Statement

Video Dental Concepts a/k/a Video Dental, VDC, Videodental.com, is a leading Dental Imaging Equipment Developer, Manufacturer, and Distributor worldwide since 1989.

For over 20 years, Video Dental Concepts, has had the same private ownership and has introduced many innovative products and imaging concepts. Video Dental Concepts’ mission is to either invent/design, or contract exclusively, products that are marketed direct to Dental Practices through a network of specialized Dental Technology Integrators. In that capacity, Video Dental consults, configures, selects, installs and integrates many unique and exclusive Imaging-related products thereby offering an unequaled full spectrum of services to dental practitioners. This is a unique feature of Video Dental Concepts which has served over 7,000 practices through the years.

VDC’s mission is to provide freedom of choice through a wide variety of products to its customers. The goal is to offer our clients diagnostic imaging tools of equal or better quality to that of more advertised brands, and at better prices. Hence, our product line is extensive and consists of both proprietary products and other products contracted with other vendors.

The proprietary line currently includes: DiscoveryCam wireless Intraoral Camera (RF AMERICA brand) and other patient or diagnostic related Intraoral Cameras; Digital X-ray sensor QuickrayDX and RSV Mac; New X-ray2go DC Portable X-ray Unit; and Retropan, a retrofit kit for Analog (film based) Panorex.

The extended line is the result of alliances with other vendors including Myray, Apteryx, Snap Imaging, Villa, and XDR Imaging, and includes other popular sensors and IOVC, wall mounted DC X-ray units, Dental Panoramic and Pan-Ceph units, CBCT, and Imaging Software.

Historically, Video Dental Concepts was the Co-inventor of the Intraoral Camera (1989) through a partnership with Panasonic Industrial Camera Division (NJ) and ETS Groux Optical Corp (France). For 3 years, (1989-1991) VDC was the first and only source for less expensive IOVC, Imaging peripherals (Video Printers, Multi-op hardware, Monitors & wall mounts, foot pedals, frame grabbers, etc.), and a full line of imaging sundries such as disposable camera barriers, printer film packs, bulbs, sensor positioning devices, etc. VDC products have been featured in numerous CRA Newsletters and 3 have made it to “product of the year” in Dentistry Today Magazine.

VDC is an FDA Registered Establishment (# 10527360) and has successfully registered over 20 Medical Devices also known as 510k registrations. VDC, through its owner, is a member of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), the only Dental Manufacturer and Dealer association in North America.

VDC, through its principal, is a member of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) and has participated in over 200 Trade shows and seminars domestically and internationally.

Video Dental exports worldwide and remains a trend setter, innovator and best know company for affordable Dental Imaging Tools. See further www.videodental.com, www.rfamerica.net, www.digitaldentalsolutions.net, www.intraoralcameras.net.