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Our Mission

We strongly believe that all should have access to dental care. The easier and cheaper it is for dentists to obtain the high-tech tools they need, the more affordable it will be for consumers to receive modern care. We formed Video Dental Concepts in 1989 to help practices all over the world share with patients their Oral Health.  Save practices money is exactly what we have been doing for the past 30+ years introducing and pioneering new products with leading innovation.”

VideoDental, Inc

Our Founder

Claude Berthoin is credited as the co-inventor of the Intraoral camera for having introduced Oral VideoScope (OVS) in fall of 1989. The affordable camera revolutionized the Dental Industry, and Claude’s vision inspired many other manufacturers of Dental Imaging Systems.

Over the years, Claude has introduced more than 30 products and managed 5 Dental Manufacturer-Distribution companies. He currently owns Denterprise International, Inc., a leader in Imaging, and 510KFDA, Inc., a specialized Regulatory Consultancy to the Dental and Medical industry. Claude is a member of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), the recognized US Manufacturers and Dealers association; He represents the association and is a Voting Member on two ADA committees: SCDI (Standard Committee on Dental Informatics) and SCDP (Standard Committee on Dental Products) of the American Dental Association.

Claude Berthoin Founder of Video Dental Concepts

Our Team: A Proud Tradition of Dental Excellence

At Video Dental Concepts (VDC), we’ve had one mission since our first day in business: finding, developing and shining a spotlight on new ideas and concepts in the dental imaging industry. We make it our personal goal to develop, test and roll out innovative products for use by dental practitioners.

Since 1989, we’ve been at the front line of innovations and trends in the dental field. We are leaders in our industry. That’s not a bias: it’s a byproduct of a long and storied career in our field. With more than 300 trade shows where we exhibited around the world, awards from ADA, NASA, UI, and thousands of satisfied customers to our name, VDC puts quality and hard work ahead of everything else. Maybe that’s why we remain a board member of the Dental Trade Association and Voting Member on ADA committees. Maybe it’s why we participate in Dental Conventions and Exhibitions and Seminars the world over every year.

A Comprehensive and Trust worthy Dental Imaging Source, est. 1989

VDC began trading as a Dental Imaging Equipment Developer, Manufacturer, and Distributor in 1989.  It’s no reach to say that we’ve introduced some of the most important innovations in dental imaging: OVS, 1989, first affordable Intraoral Camera; Sens-A-Ray 1991, second Dental Sensor to Trophy (now Carestream) but ahead of Dexis, Schick, etc.. VDC is known as a Direct Source of Affordable and Innovative Imaging Products for dental professionals who like to deal with the source. This is what sets us apart – Outstanding products, better prices and personalized service that stands out in a crowd.

Video Dental Concepts has earned your trust on-line and ships daily all over the world.

Think outside the box and Discover a better standard.

Chronological Achievements

October 1989: Video Dental Concepts developed the first component-based (CCD camera, FO light and Dental Endoscope) Intraoral Video Camera. Known as the Oral Videoscope (OVS), this was a cooperation with Panasonic Industrial Division (NJ) and ETS Group Optics division (France).

1989: OVS was introduced at the SITAD, in Paris France. The instrument featured autoclavable sleeves and 360° rotation.
1990: OVS is the first dental Endoscope with adjustable focus, quick-connect portrait, and intraoral lenses
1991: Oral Videoscope with “Thumb sliding” focus
1992: OVS offers Mirror and Perio clips
1993: Diagnostech 2000. First computer-based imaging cart featuring both IOVC and DX-ray with imaging software. The camera was OVS and the sensor was the Sens-A-Ray sensor from Regam Sweden.
1994: Introduction of Videoscope 2000. The first monocoil detachable cable, first intraoral camera with a lightbulb in the handpiece and small processor using Sony 999 camera. The Multi-Op concept with “Docking Station” is born.
1996: Introduction of ToothPix monocoil using Sony 777 camera with 0° and 90° contraangle detachable lenses.
1997: QuickCam – in Cooperation with Sopro–France. First intraoral camera with memory (Sopro 555).
1998: QuickRay – Importer of second single-size high resolution sensor with free QuickImage software, in co-operation with Owandy, France.
1999: Improved QuickCam with docking station. Also four viewing modes: (P, S, I, M). Portrait, Smile, Intraoral & Macro. See CRA Report March 2001.
1999: MiniCam – in Cooperation with DBS – Japan – First LED intraoral camera at affordable prices. VDC breaks the $4,000 barrier with the camera available for $1,395.
2001: QuickCamPC – In cooperation with Owandy-France – First diagnostic quality intraoral camera to fit into computer bays. And First Autofocus feature. See CRA Report March 2001
2001: MiniCamUSB – First USB cam on the world market. See CRA Report March 2001.
2002: RSV Mac. In cooperation with Visiodent – France, Mac OS based sensor.
2003: “DOT” –First Dental Operatory Tablet. Recommended by Larry Emmott and in many lectures and workshops around the country.

2003: CoolBlue – In cooperation with DSI, Japan. First cordless curing light.

2004: Einstein – In cooperation with RF SYSTEMS Lab, Japan. Added macro capability for their Einstein camera (Macro Lens Cap) and other features making it the first reliable wireless intraoral camera.

2005: Retropan CdTe – In cooperation with Ajat-Oy, first high-resolution digital conversion kit fitting multiple panoramic machines: Soredex-Cranex Excel, Panoramic PC-1000, Gendex 9200, Instrumentarium OP100, Sirona Orthophos 3.

2007: Retropan CCD: A simpler and less expensive kit to convert Dental Panoramic to Digital. Added model Siemens OP10, Belmont Excaliber, Dent-X-Villa Rotograph, Soredex-Cranex models.
2007-2008: DiscoveryCam brand under RF AMERICA.
2008: DiscoveryCam+. Continuing the evolution of the wireless intraoral camera.
2009: ToothPix Palm – The first all-in-one self-contained inexpensive intraoral camera system for patient self “tour of the mouth”.
2009: Diagnostix2Go – The first completely wireless Operatory Imaging Concept featuring DiscoveryCam and WDS sensor from Myray, Italy with a Minibook and Apteryx Software. Wireless camera capturing through USB port. Wireless digital x-ray capturing via Bluetooth transmission. Released at Chicago Mid Winter meeting.
2009 February: Received a 20 year award from Chicago Dental society for 20 years of attendance at this internationally renowned meeting.
2009 Summer: X-ray2Go. New Portable X-ray unit (OEM) with Dental and Veterinary applications.
2009 Fall: Dx-ray Lite – Combination of X-ray2Go and X-Pod from Myray, the first totally portable X-ray DX-ray system without a computer.
2010 Spring: Discovery Ultra. A new standard in wireless Intraoral Cameras.
2010 Summer: Choice Imaging New universal Imaging software. Drives all hardware devices, bridges to all main PMS, and converts from other captive software.
2010 Winter: QuickCam USB. The best value-for-the-buck USBCam on the market.
2011: DOT Clinical Assistant, Healthcare grade. The DOT computer systems come in many configurations: DOT-Cam, DOTX-ray, DOT-Combo.