Owandy I-Max Wall Mounted

Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just seconds

Owandy I-Max Wall Mounted

Its sleek, sophisticated and lightweight design makes this system an attractive and valuable asset for your clinic. The new I-Max is the lightest panoramic system available. As with an ordinary intra-oral X-Ray generator, it can be installed on a wall and linked to your network without the need for a dedicated PC. The panoramic X-Ray system is now indispensable for dentists keen to offer their patients the best possible care. The future starts here! So choose the I-Max and let your clinic set the standard by using cutting-edge equipment that’s ahead of its time.

Warranty on Owandy I-Max Wall Mounted

Purchase with confidence when you are protected by our 2 year no annual fee warranty plan!  Owandy warranty on I-Max wall mounted unit is 2 years on all parts and labor.


1. More digital dental imaging history, experience, and innovations than any other company

2. Established in 1989 and still in the same location

3. Best price, guaranteed!

4. Longest, Worry-Free Warranty Replacement Plan


  • Touch panel
  • Bitewing
  • Easier Installation
  • A 136 lbs well-mounted panoramic unit, perfect for small practices
  • Compact design
  • Improved image resolution
  • Improved UI with preset filters
  • “Face-to-face” positioning
  • Industrially optimized design for fewer failures
  • A better ROI than anything else on the market
  • Wheelchair accessibility and standing design
  • Network ready