Owandy I-Max Touch

Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just seconds

Owandy I-Max Touch

Universal3D volume

The high volume Max Touch 3D (ø93mm x H83mm) delivers acquisition in one single image, covering the entire jaw, including impacted molars, regardless of patient morphology.

Multi FOV

The I-Max Touch 3D multi FOV tridimensional imaging system is an essential tool for identifying and analysing complex cases in implantology and guided surgery, as well as dental surgery, endodontics, periodontics, and general practice.

The following volumes can now be acquired:

  • Mandibular: 93x53mm
  • Maxillary : 93x43mm

HD sensor

The high-contrast HD image generated by the flat panel sensor enables the practitioner to make an accurate diagnosis in seconds.

3 in 1: 3 three acquisition modes in a single device

The I-Max Touch 3D panoramic unit is an economical, upgradeable, high quality imaging solution. With three complete programs (Pan / Ceph / 3D), you can perform 3D examinations and also take true panoramic shots (not just reconstructed from 3D volume) and cephalometric images (optional).

The only turnkey system of its kind in the world

The combination of the I-Max Touch 3D high-performance panoramic unit with SimPlant® Pro, one of the top therapeutic 3D planning software packages, offers precise and dependable planning and simulation of your implant work.

Warranty on Owandy I-Max Touch

Owandy warranty on I-Max Touch is 2 years on all parts and labor, plus 3 years on tube head, sensor and flat panel display.


1. More digital dental imaging history, experience, and innovations than any other company

2. Established in 1989 and still in the same location

3. Best price, guaranteed!

4. Longest, Worry-Free Warranty Replacement Plan


■ Standard adult or child panoramic
■ Left or right semi-panoramic
■ Reduced dose panoramic
■ Bitewing mode
■ Incisive block
■ Maxillary sinus
■ Panoramic with improved orthogonality
■ TMJ open/closed mouth
■ 4 quadrants / Tomographic slices