Handheld X-Ray Units: What You Need to Know

Gordon’s Clinical Observations: Use of handheld x-ray units has steadily increased since the Nomad (Aribex) was introduced in 2005. Handheld units are now used routinely by clinicians both inside and outside the dental office (nursing homes, humanitarian service projects, homebound patients, etc.). Some clinicians are replacing multiple older wall-mounted units with a single handheld unit carried room to room. CR has studied this concept and provides a state-of-the-art report for you on this unique concept.

Safety, light weight, workflow efficiency, and cutting edge features

The MobileX handheld x-ray generator provides a freedom in workflow that is unattainable with wall-mount units. From its safety and portability to its ease of use and innovative features, the MobileX is designed with the practice, the clinician, and the patient in mind. It features a cutting-edge battery technology, an intuitive user interface, and ergonomic design making it easier to use and hold.

The long-lasting battery longevity allows for over 300 exposures per charge!