It is time to take your practice to the next level and upgrade to the ultimate 3D CBCT dental imaging solution, The RayScan Alpha Plus from Video Dental Concepts. The RayScan Alpha Plus is an award-winning 3D CBCT dental imaging solution with high-definition 2D panoramic views. It also has cephalometric options, including one shot ceph. This is the world’s first free field of view (FOV) that lets you target only the needed anatomy. It also has a real-time visible X-ray guide, industry-leading scan times, and fast image processing.
All of these 3D CBCT dental imaging features help to limit patient exposure to harmful radiation and meet or exceed ALARA Guidelines. The RayScan Alpha Plus offers an intuitive workflow that is easy to use and train others to use, shortening the learning curve for your team. The wireless remote control allows the user to move freely around the patient while positioning them. And the adaptive cooling system means no more dealing with wait times between scans.
The RayScan Alpha Plus is designed to accommodate all kinds of patients and both the 2D and 3D CBCT modes allow for minimum exposure by trimming the scanned area.
Of course, there is a reason we call the RayScan Alpha Plus the ultimate 3D CBCT imaging solution. Our 3D CBCT provides time-saving intuitive scan protocols with an adjustable field of view (FOV) suitable for your diagnostic needs. It also provides 2D and 3D CBCT exams for implants, endodontic, orthodontic, TMJ, airway, and maxillofacial applications.
While you care for your patients, we care for you. Video Dental Concept’s Ray Guard remote monitoring and update service actually protect your practice against downtime. Plus, every RayScan Alpha Plus comes with a five-year warranty.
Take your practice to the next level. Upgrade to the RayScan Alpha Plus from Video Dental Concepts. Call us today for your no obligation free quote at 800-323-2690.

About Video Dental Concepts

Video Dental Concepts is one of the leading innovators in 3D CBCT imaging solutions and related high-tech dental imaging equipment. We carry the latest in cutting-edge dental imaging technologies such as intraoral cameras, X-Ray digital dental sensors, dental imaging software, and more. We even offer the latest in painless anesthesia injector machines.
Video Dental Concepts has been operating for over 25 years. Our partnership with Panasonic’s Camera Division and ETS Group Optical Corporation enabled us to be a part of the original development team for the first intraoral camera. Ever since, we have been committed to providing the latest in innovative, cutting-edge dental imaging equipment to dental offices and dental groups worldwide.

Our partnerships with other leaders in the dental industry combined with a steadfast commitment to our mission are what helps us to continue to grow and improve. We have attended over 300 trade shows to date and hope to continue to be an instrumental part of positive change in our respective field. If you have any questions about the RayScan Alpha Plus, other 3D CBCT imaging solutions, or anything else, call us at 800-323-2690. Or Contact Us via email.

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