2D / 3D Dental X-ray Machine

Video Dental is proud to offer the impressive Rayscan Alpha Plus Pan-Ceph-CBCT. This extraoral 2D-3D dental imaging system from Ray Company includes an adjustable Free Field Of View(FOV) with the latest image reconstruction technologies.  Rayscan Alpha Plus is one of the premiere 2D-3D dental x-ray machines available in the marketplace today.  Dentists now have the ability to utilize the Rayscan Alpha Plus for capturing the highest resolution panoramic, cephalometric, and cone-beam computed tomography dental images.  
Having an all-in-one Pan-Ceph-CBCT extraoral X-ray machine for most key dental imaging scenarios can be a crucial element for your practice success.  2D panoramic examinations include standard pano and segmented pano rendered acquisitions, plus an extraoral bitewing feature.   
This all-in-one extraoral X-ray machine has the option to add a cephalometric module.  Available in either a scanning mode or 1 shot option, the 1 shot module acquires dental images in less than one second, thus further reducing distortion and reducing the radiation dose.
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT, also known as C-arm CT, cone beam volume CT, and flat panel CT) is a medical technology for dental imaging that consist of X-ray computed tomography whereas X-rays are divergent, that form a cone.  CBCT modality from the Rayscan Alpha Plus presents a multitude of features that permit dentist the ability to customize dental examinations for their patients.  One of the main advantages of the Rayscan Alpha Plus panoramic dental X-ray machine is a light guided field of view that shortens and simplifies the patient positioning time, to reduce errors and retakes. The targeted field of view is superimposed on the dental patient’s face,  allowing the operator to view the precise area being scanned in relation to the patient’s actual anatomy, ensuring accurate dental imaging acquisition.
Additionally, the light guided positioning system is improved with Free FOV (Field of View) technologies, this makes the field of view entirely customizable from 4 centimeters round by 3  centimeters high (4×3 cm) to 16×10 cm. Most CBCT systems on the market today require that the user (dentist or dental assistant) must choose between several preset field of view options, Rayscan Alpha Plus permits the end user the ability to collimate the field of view to any size, this limits radiation exposure to a much smaller region, while still acquiring the required anatomy.
Rayscan Alpha Plus CBCT supports the following intuitive scan protocols:

  • Jaw-Standard
  • Jaw-Fast
  • Facial
  • Teeth
  • Endodontics
  • TMJ
  • Sinus
  • Airway
  • Impression & Model Scan

Rayscan Alpha Plus CBCT modality delivers voxel resolutions as minute as 70 micrometers, among the highest resolution in the dental imaging industry. Newer proprietary algorithms permit the dental images to be reconstructed in under five seconds.

  • Speedier Processing of Dental Imaging
  • High Resolution
  • Light Guided – Free field of View
  • One Shot Ceph
  • Radiation Reduction
  • 3D Imaging

Rayscan Alpha Plus is designed and engineered to deliver brilliant dental image quality.  Innovative features make the process of acquiring and rendering dental images images more intuitive, while improving the user and patient experience and reducing radiation.  Feedback from dentist and dental assistants in the field played an integral part of developing the technologies and features incorporated in this all-in-one extraoral X-ray machine.  The benefits are clear: simplifying the dental imaging process while making it a more patient-friendly process.
A 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty is evidence of RayCo’s commitment to quality engineering and technical support.  The Rayscan Alpha Plus is available through Video Dental. For additional information, call 800.323.2690.

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