PatientView SD

The All-In-One Handheld IntraOral Camera!

PatientView SD is our second generation of Handheld Intraoral Camera/Viewer, improving on our Toothpix launched in 2005. The new “All in one Unit” is what you and your clinical staff have been waiting for. Designed purposely as a “Digital Mirror”, it is the ultimate “show and tell” and co-diagnostic imaging tool ever made.

• Not dependent on computers, yet is computer compatible for image storage and printing.
• Patients hold the “mirror” and images appear larger due to the closeness to the display.
• Doctors & patients share images, enhancing patient participation as they “own” their problems.
• The easy to use system allows for better imaging work flow. Turn one button on and it is ready for a quick “tour of the mouth” with multiple images being snapped and stored in internal memory. Then recall each image using the touch screen features and you will actually perform a chairside “patient slide show!”


  • PatientView SD
  • List Price: $995
  • Our Price: $895

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Trial Offers

We Offer Two Easy Programs:

• 30-Day Risk Free Purchase with full refund except for return shipping!
• 7-Day Test Drive Before you Buy which costs only $65 and includes return shipping

If it doesn’t “sell” a crown the very first 7 working days, RETURN IT!
If it sells two crowns during first week, then you need two, three or more! At $895 price, what can you lose? In fact, buy one for each assistant and hygienist run a contest to get some excitement in the office! Here is how it works: The one that has the most pics on the memory card at end of the week gets a bonus!

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