Dr. ScharpCam

Dr. ScharpCam will help you deliver Amazing, Powerful Results!

The new Dr. ScharpCam digital intraoral camera features a high resolution SONY CCD chip and a straight line of sight and delivers brilliant high quality pictures. It is small and weighs only .25 lbs. (111 grams). The aluminum handpiece housing is ergonomically shaped and it is very easy to use – all functions can be controlled with only one finger. The revolutionary technology of these instruments will inspire you: Fully Digital – Direct into your computer, notebook or laptop! The Dr. ScharpCam camera is fully compatible with all popular dental software in today’s market. It sets itself apart due to its absolutely bright and true color pictures, as well as easy integration.


  • Dr. ScharpCam 90°
  • List Price: $4,995
  • Our Price: $3,995
  • Dr. ScharpCam 0°
  • List Price: $4,995
  • Our Price: $4,495

    Trade-In Options

    We will credit $250-$500 for purchase of a new QuickCam
    or Dr. ScharpCam camera when you trade in your old camera
    from any manufacturer. Please call for details.

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• Dr. Scharpcam is available in either 0˚ or 90˚ angle of view models. One is a conventional camera with 90˚ head, the other is a 0˚ endoscope type with attachments. Both offer luminous intense optics, guaranteeing the highest sharpness in three various focus areas for extraoral, intraoral and macro pictures with a high contrast. (In macro Mode, magnification is up to 100 times.)

• 8 LED’s provide perfect daylight-like illumination for intraoral Imaging.

• Convenient ergonomic “thumbslide” setting switch for extra-oral, full arch, quadrant, single tooth and macro.

• Unique “no blur” Capture function. You freeze images by releasing the button. Press to save the frozen image in your software.

• Detachable (Quick connect/disconnect) USB 2.0 cable powers the camera and transmits the images. Available in 2m/3m/5m length.

• Auto-clavable accessory set for 0˚ model only: perioprobe, attachment for single tooth closeups, and mirror attachment, all to enhance your case presentations

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