Discovery Ultra Wireless USB Intra Oral Camera

Wireless Intra Oral Camera- Discovery Ultra USB

The Best Hand Held Wireless Intra Oral Camera!

Discovery Ultra USB wireless intra oral camera maintains superior image quality while offering convenience and readiness of a wireless connection. With a wireless capability, Discovery Ultra enables you to maneuver without cumbersome hard-wire connections to take close-up shots from various angles! Display image captures on computers with a small USB receiver. Perfect for RF System Lab Einstien and RF America DiscoveryCam users. Includes 1-year warranty!

Discovery Ultra USB Intra Oral Camera Specs-

• Perfect IOVC to “show and tell”
• Macro lens for “on-tooth” diagnosis
• True Optical Lens for correct or mirror image
• 6 ultra bright white LED’s
• Replaceable Lithium-ion Battery
• Optional foot pedal available

Digital Intra Oral Cameras-

Video Dental Concepts offers some of the best intra oral cameras for a fraction of the cost when compared to other intra oral camera companies. VDC offers corded and wireless intra oral cameras, digital intra oral cameras, and intra oral cameras that can save digital dental xray images for viewing immediately on a TV, computer, USB, or SD card.

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  • Discovery Ultra Wireless USB
  • Hand-piece, Base & Macro-Lens
  • List Price: $1,295
  • Our Price: $995
  • USB Receiver – 4 Ch
  • List Price: $295
  • Our Price: $245
  • Remote Installation Service
  • Up to 3 Rooms
  • Price: $195

Great Value Trade-In Offer!

Trade in ANY old intraoral camera for $500
instant rebate from MSRP!

Perfect upgrade for legacy cameras from RFSYSTEM labs
(SS21 & 24, F5W, Einstein, etc), RFAMERICA DiscoveryCam,
and other OEM wireless cameras from Japan including RFDENTISTs,
SkyCam, Oracam, etc

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