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For a limited time only, these offers include:

  • Initial Setup (via Internet)
  • Integration With Your Software
  • 1-Year Warranty

Building Your Practice

Repair? Trade-In? Parts?

We will credit $250-$500 for purchase of a new QuickCam or Dr. ScharpCam camera when you trade in your old dental camera from any manufacturer. Please call for details.

Why Purchase a Dental Intra Oral Camera Today?

Introduced about 25 years ago, Intra Oral Cameras (IOCs) are in over 80,000 practices in North America today. They have been instrumental in building patients’ trust through visual communication. While other digital SLR cameras are useful, IOCs are best used chair-side to store images directly in a patient’s file. They bring a new dimension in confidence and your diagnosis is enhanced by the information our “magic wand” provides.

Digital Intraoral X-ray Cameras

Early video-based IOVC’s have now almost entirely been replaced by Digital IOVC’s. This is due to the acceptance and need of computers in the operatory driven by the use of other vision and diagnostic tools like sensors, digital probes, and now digital impression systems.

Indeed, an IOC is the best “Patient Engagement System” a practice can buy as supported by the many articles written about the subject over the years some of which are attached. As you will see below, there is no finer vendor than Video Dental to provide you with the right model which will best increase your case acceptance rate.

Why purchase Intra-Oral Cameras from Video Dental Concepts?

Most experienced Company: Because there are still today about 40 models available from about 25 Manufacturers, it would simply be ludicrous to try all models. The good news is that Video Dental Concepts has already done the homework for you and offers all popular features: Portability in wireless and corded models; Direct USB or Universal (RCA-S-Video-VGA) connectivity; fixed or variable focus mechanisms (Dial and Slide); fingertip image capture or foot switches; PC compatibility via USB or SD cards interfaces; Integration in most popular Imaging software; Above all, free basic imaging software comes with all models or you can upgrade to our non captive QuickImage Software.

Most stable dental imaging company: 25 years, same owners, same location, largest user base: over 10,000 practices. We offer you Choice, the result of knowledge and Experience you can trust!

We offer Choice: Not all cameras are created equal or offer similar features. So, which model is right for you? Good question… and which one your hygienist (s) will prefer?

Best warranty and Service: 2 year warranty on many models, affordable and easy to reach Tech support, upgrade programs, Extended warranty plans available, free initial consultation.

We are one of the first dental intra oral camera inventors and have the most experience in the dental imaging field.

Several parties in France, Japan and in the USA claim the invention. Fuji Dentacam, OralScan by Lester Dines, and the OralVideoscope from Video Dental Concepts were the first cameras on the US market in 1989. With over 20 models produced over the past 21 years, VDC’s track record is well known and the company has been published in all major Dental Trade Magazines. Look further in the Testimonial, VDC Camera Time table, and list of known IOVC Manufacturers section on the left. Without exaggeration we could print our own IOVC technology guide to list all the inventions and concepts we introduced.

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