Choice Imaging

The ULTIMATE Dental Imaging Software!

Choice Imaging is the ULTIMATE Dental Imaging Software. If you are tired of running multiple software, or paying exorbitant warranty and support agreements or subscription fees, then Choice is for you! Unlike other captive software, such as Kodak (KDI), Dexis (Dentrix), EagleSoft (CDR) Choice Choice allows you freedom of choice and will support the following products: Dexis Sensors, QuickRay Sensors, Kodak Sensors, Schick sensors, XDR Sensors, Suni Sensors; Scan-X PSP, Denoptix PSP; Digital Doc, Gendex, Sopro, Kodak, DiscoveryCam, Einstein, DiscoveryUltra, Claris, and many more Intraoral Cameras; All Pans and Pan-Cephs; Your existing Digital Cameras; Choice bridges to all Major Practice Management Software and also offers an optional Implant and Ortho Module.


  • Choice Single User License
  • For Camera & X-ray
  • List Price: $1,495
  • Our Price: $995
  • Choice Single User License
  • For Camera or X-ray
  • List Price: $995
  • Our Price: $695
  • Choice Multi User License
  • For Camera & X-ray
  • List Price: $2,495
  • Our Price: $1,995

Comes in Multiple Languages User Interface

Hardware Compatibility

Works with the Following Products:

Intraoral Cameras
• Any Intraoral camera (USB or Video)
• VfW and WDM interface
• Letron grabber cards
• Direct presets for: Sopro 595 and 717, SuniCam, Shick USBCam, Win-100D, Air Techniques Acclaim USN, Media Vision, Gendex, AcuCam, Kodak 1000, Win-USB cam, Guihong USB, Durr Vistacam Digital, Trophy Fusion PCI.

TWAIN Devices:
• Any TWAIN scanners
• Any TWAIN X-Ray device (also available through X-Ray modules)

Phosphor Plate Scanners
• AirTechniques Scan-X
• Digident CD-Dent, Paxorama, Combi-X (Mediadent V4 for ISA models)
• Durr Vistacam, Vistascan Perio, Vistascan-Net, Vistascan Perio Net, Vistascan Mini
• Gendex DenOptix, DenOptix QST
• Kodak CR7400
• Orex Combi-X 2000, Combi-Xi, Paxorama HS
• Satelec PSPIX
• Soredex Digora FMX
• Soredex Optime, Digora PCT

Intraoral Digital X-ray Sensors
• Cefla Myray WDS
• Dent-X eva
• DentAmerica Digirex
• Dexis PCMCIA, Ethernet DEXbox, Dexis USB
• Suni, Dr Suni, Suni Plus, SuniRayII
• Durr Vistaray
• Fimet iOX (1, 2,and 3)
• Gendex Visualix ISA, PCI, USB, HDI, eHD
• Hamamatsu
• Instrumentarium DICC
• Juli DSX730, Krystal-X, WiFi (all models)
• Kodak RVG5000, RVG6000
• Kodak RVG5100, RVG6100
• Mediadent HDX2, MDX2, MDX3 and SDX
• Mediadent Excalibur
• Mediadent Pixy
• MPDx sensor (DMDS)
• Planmeca DIXI2
• Progney MPSe, VisionDX Ethernet & USB systems
• Satelec SOPIX, SOPIX Wireless
• Schick CDR 32bit, CDR2000 and remote-HS
• Sens-A-Ray SUA, SUB, SUC
• Sigma Digital Bio-Ray SDX
• Sirona Sidexis, Xios
• Trophy sensor PCI and USB (RVG4 en RVG5)
• TWAIN X-ray capture
• Vatech AnySensor 1.0 and 1.5 ExSensor 1.0 and 1.5
• Visodent RSV and RSV-HD all models, RSV3
• QuickRay Direct USB
• XDR Sensors

Panoramic and Cephalometric Digital X-ray Systems:
• Ashi AZ3000CT
• BlueX PantOs DG
• E-Woo Picasso Trio
• Gendex DDE 8500 & 9200
• Intrumentarium DICC
• Juli/Owandy I-Max
• Kodak RVG8000(C), 8000E and OrthoSlice 500 & 1000, OP100
• Morita Veraviewpocs 5D, SD, SDCP, IC5, 2DP, 2DCP, 3De
• Planmeca Proline, Promax
• Sirona Orthophos XG/Xgplus
• Soredex Cranex D, Excel D, Novus
• TWAIN X-ray capture
• Vatech Pax400, Pax500, Neo-Top
• Villa Strato-X