Dental Xray Sensor – MyRay XPOD

MYRAY XPOD- Pocketsize, wireless, hand held dental x-ray device!

X-pod hand held dental xray sensor and scanner allows you to simply walk into the operating room and instantly collect crystal clear dental x-rays in a matter of seconds. This amazing hand held dental xray sensor device allows a user to review and zoom in and out of the high resolution images on a wide touchscreen display. 
No need to worry about external power supply, wires, software or a PC. The X-pod hand held digital dental sensor incorporates them all. The portable hand held dental xray sensor unit, X-pod, features the latest digital dental sensor technology, is built to patient comfort with smooth edges, while offering rounded corners make for easy intra-oral positioning.

Note: An actual dental X-ray machine or hand held dental x-ray machine is still needed to take the actual xray.

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Digital Dental Xray Devices

• Collect, review, enhance, zoom high resolution images for diagnostic use
• No need for PC, software, power supply nor data connection.
• Work standalone. Total freedom to move between exam and operating rooms
• Store hundreds of images on SD cards.
• Bluetooth or USB connectivity to other systems
• Lithium-polymer battery allows for a whole day’s autonomy.

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  • MyRay X-pod Size 1
  • List Price: $7,990
  • Our Price: $6,990
  • MyRay X-pod Size 2
  • List Price: $9,290
  • Our Price: $7,990
  • MyRay X-pod Size 1 + 2
  • List Price: $13,990
  • Our Price: $11,990

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