Digital Dental Sensors – QuickRay

Digital Dental Sensors – QuickRay USB
Digital Dental Sensors – QuickRay

Paying too Much for Dental Sensors & Dental Sensor Warranties?

The QuickRay dental sensor gives you the highest digital dental sensor x-ray resolution, pristine image clarity, connects directly to your computer’s USB port, and no special interface box is needed! The QuickRay USB digital dental sensor offers rounded corners and smooth edges to optimize patient comfort while receiving a dental x-ray. The QuickRay USB dental sensor is also the fastest intraoral dental sensor on the market!

Digital Dental Sensors

The QuickRay USB digital dental sensors greatest advantage is gain in time. Digital X-ray images project directly onto the dentist’s computer screen in just 3-seconds. Our exclusive line of digital dental sensors are designed and manufactured by e2v and are available in different sizes appropriate for children (size 1) or adults (size 2). The thin (less than 1/4″) intraoral dental sensors include a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, shock absorbers, tough polyamide housing and polyurethane cable.

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  • QuickRay Size 1
  • List Price: $5,495
  • Our Price: $3,995
  • QuickRay Size 2
  • List Price: $6,495
  • Our Price: $4,995
  • QuickRay Size 1 and 2 Combo
  • List Price: $11,990
  • Our Price: $8,795
  • QuickRay MacOS Plugin
  • List Price: $495
  • Our Price: $395
  • QuickRay IS Mac
  • Standalone Imaging Software
  • List Price: $1,495
  • Our Price: $1,295
  • QuickRay Connect Plugin
  • Single User License
  • Our Price: $300
  • QuickRay Connect Plugin
  • Additional License
  • Our Price: $100

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Video Dental Concepts guarantees that QuickRay Sensor (the product) is manufactured in conformity with existing regulations and that is provides all proper conditions of safety for the user. QuickRay sensor comes with both a 2 year warranty against defects and a 7 year replacement cost guaranty against accidental damage. No Enrollment Fees and No Annual Fees!

The warranty and replacement plan covers two types of “Sensor Failure” namely Defects or Accidental Damage. The outcome of the “Sensor Failure” will be determined by the factory who has sole authority to perform diagnostics.

1) Defect: Examples are delamination, permanent lines or dead pixels not fixable by calibration, sensor not properly sealed, etc. Defect(s) are caused by improper manufacturing.

2) Accidental Damage: There are two types of possible accidental damage. One is curable and the other is incurable. Both are caused by practice due to improper use after delivery.

• Curable: Damage to the cable assembly or at the sensor connection. This can be cured by replacing the sensor housing and cable. A refurbished sensor will be delivered.
• Incurable: Internal sensor damage has occurred either to the scintillator, fiber optic layer or the CMOS imager. A new sensor will be delivered.

3) The warranty effective date is the date showing on the notification of delivery to your practice.

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QuickRay Product Reviews

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

Try QuickRay with Dexis Before You Buy

I wasn’t convinced for the longest time that any sensor would work with DEXIS imaging other than a DEXIS sensor. Video Dental sent me a QuickRay sensor on a “try before you buy” program. In just a week my staff convinced me that with just a few tweaks in our operation it would work fine. Now I’m saving thousands of dollars on every sensor I buy. We’re no longer locked into DEXIS products and their high prices.”
- Pittsburgh PA

QuickRay Dental Sensor Replaced Schick CDR

After spending several weeks with the QuickRay dental sensor, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the digital radiographic image of the sensor. I have been using the Schick CDR Elite sensor and have seen demos of both the Schick 33 and the Dexis sensor. The images take by the Quickray sensor are definitely of diagnostic quality and on par with the sensors mentioned above when both sensor and software has been calibrated appropriately. The Quickray sensor is definitely a digital sensor that one must consider given the image quality and price value. I would without doubt recommend the Quickray digital sensor to any dentist.”
- Thai Pham, DDS

QuickRay Dental Sensor – Great Improvement

Video Dental Concepts has been a great help to me when I needed to replace some old x-ray sensors. I’ve been using digital x-ray for about 12 years so the new QuickRay USB dental sensor was a great improvement and was reasonably priced. Sales, delivery and service were all great and Lisa is an experienced rep with answers to all my questions. Video Dental is highly recommended for any new equipment or for upgrading old systems.”
- John Bolesta, DDS

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Imaging Software

New installations: QuickImage software is delivered with all QuickRay sensor kits (30-day free trial)

Existing installations of Dexis, Schick,Kodak, VixWin, or other Windows systems: QuickRay Connect is a plugin compatibility adapter.

Existing installations of MacPractice or RadioVision: QuickRay Mac is a plugin compatibility adapter.


Windows Native Mode Windows Scanner Mode MacOS Scanner Mode
  • Apteryx
  • XVLite
  • XRayVision
  • XVa3
  • Lightyear
  • Cliniview
  • ProfSuni
  • OneView (BenCo)
  • XDR
  • Belmont
  • CamSight
  • DentiMax
  • PatientGallery
  • DentalEye
  • Choice Imaging
  • CADI
Use the QuickRay Connect Plugin:

  • Dexis-Dentrix(Schein)
  • EagleSoft-Schick(Patterson)
  • Carestream (Kodak) KDI
  • TigerView
  • VixWin (Gendex)
  • Visora
  • QuickVision
  • RayMag
Use the QuickRay Mac Plugin:

  • RadioVision Stand Alone
  • MacPractice Imaging
  • EndoTrak


Comparison Table

QuickRay Dentimax Dexis XDR CareStream
Price for Size 2 $4,995
Warranty 7-Year Warranty & Replacement Plan included 18 months incl,
5 year extended warranty available
1 year included, then $2,000/year 2 years included,
5 year extended warranty available
3 years included,
5 year extended warranty available
3 years included,
5 year extended warranty available
Leading Image Quality Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Rounded Corners Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Replaceable cord Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
“Box-less” Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Box Built on Cord
More than $3,000 box
Standard Software QuickImage Dentimax Imaging Dexis Imaging XDR Software Kodak Dental Imaging (KDIS) Schick CDR
Independent SW Yes
Universal SW
SW works with other maker’s devices
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Cross compatible
Sensor works with other maker’s SW
Yes Yes No Yes No No
Compatible with Windows 7,8 7,8 7,8 7,8 7,8
Compatible w/Mac Yes Yes No Yes No No
Company History Established in 1989 – 25 years in same location! Established in 2004 Established in 2002 3 ownership changes in last 15 years Established in 1995
Sold to Sirona